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canon c200 review

I love the idea of the internal raw, but a 4:2:0, H264 HD picture might be a deal breaker. There are a lot of things to be excited about with the Canon EOS C200. the camera run smoothly without heck lot so accessory. The C200 color looked very different, more yellow than the C300II. Anyway, we’re getting off track here. But I still might get this little beast. But the problem is, we don’t imagine anyone like us - "sloppy," run and gun shooters - to be interested in filling up massive cards and hard drives with RAW footage that needs heavy processing and correcting later. Sony has been winning the spec game for years, and yet many of us still prefer to pay multiple times more for Canon cameras with much less specs. The video is certainly softer and a bit more mushy. Thanks, Barry. Outside of interviews too - can you imagine how easy it will be to track a subject walking away or toward you, by touching on the screen a couple times? And we have to be honest here, the image is not nearly as similar as we had hoped. The Canon C200 made a significant departure from the C100 in its modularity. Because you can absolutely get amazing footage out of that camera. Our Canon C200 review We rented the Canon EOS C200 from LensRentals, for a fast-paced week of production in multiple cities. But the holy grail of this camera is internal RAW recording. The 5D MKIV is at perhaps 10 stops. I think it’s the same on the DJI X5R. I think i tried to ask: how much gig does 16min Raw light consume vs 16min in Redcoderaw (I believe you answered that al ready)? For me it opens up a lot of possibilities, mostly because of its low price and excellent all-round performance that delivers 12-bit RAW. Raw + Proxy is an exelemt workflow.. 150 mbps, not 100. Just say, “you can shoot any way you want.”. The RF to EF adapter with built-in variable ND filter is one of these things that change the way you use a camera. I’m pretty excited about this camera and will probably pick one up at some point. The C200 demo is essentially a short version of "Chef's Table," and they even got the same director and crew to shoot it and produce it. The implementation of DNxHD and a 2K 12bit 444 debayering option for the raw development tool would be great too.At the moment only the mac version of the program is able to convert the raw to an editing friendly codec that is not based on one file per frame (DPX and Open EXR only at the moment for the windows version). DR on C200 is probably slightly higher than 4.6. I hope someone read this comment and can tell us more! Now I’m being demanding, but just imagine this camera with Apple ProRes codec integration. And he is right: the EOS C70 is Canon’s smallest and lightest Cinema camera (so far). Canon recommends to use their own conversion tool, which allows you to select one of their log gamma profiles. This is how we would have our C200 rigged up for everything except gimbal shooting. At 150mbps, you can record as much interviews to your heart’s content, without pushing your hard drive space and processing power. You can now shoot in 4k all the time, and choose whether to deliver to HD or 4k. Canon provides a list of supported media, so just stick to it and you’ll be safe. I understand that there are other specs that make this camera stand out but I’m asking about the quality of the footage. GH-5 lacks built in ND filters, XLR audio is not integrated, GH-5 AF is lacking, C200 has Canon’s DPAF with Face Tracking and works very well. If you’re shooting mostly 1080 material I’d stick wit the Ninja. Fully Compatible with New and Existing CANON EF-Mount Lenses. Not great, but hey, 4k/60, woohoo. Thanks ? Thank you. But there's something else inside that makes the image look way different. Any chance to share an actual RAW file, not the transcoded video? It would be great if we could get a coiled version of this cable, or various sizes without spending a fortune. The  Canon EVF-V70 would probably be a great solution, but is a bit pricey. You can shoot in RAW Light and fix all the mistakes in post. And if you need to reach the menu, the monitor has control buttons built in (and assignable), which is really great. Reliability. In fact, now that we just bought the Canon 1DX mkII - to use as a B-cam and gimbal cam - we're lamenting having to go back to using ND filters again. That’s because we, like many out there, like to shoot our interviews in 4k, even if our B-roll and final delivery is in HD. The computer? And we shoot everything in original C-log, rather than the new Clog 2/3 flavors, even though we lose a little bit of range. The C200 uses the same batteries as the C300 mkII, which is great if you shoot with both cameras. Even the C300 MKII is looking soft in comparison. Canon's Log 3 Gamma supports 14 stops of dynamic range. Once you're accustomed to a type of workflow, terminology, and button layout, the only major change is figuring out that particular camera's ideal settings for image capture. The introduction of Canon Cinema Raw Light is interesting. Same thing, got into ML because at the time, I was using the 5D MKII but wanted better controls. From our previous tests, the C300 mkII can indeed fit on a Helix Jr, but it’s so tight that it barely works., Looks like 10bit 2K though, which is at least the same aspect ratio as DCI 4K. But we used the C200 only in its 4k UHD MP4 mode. Only because it gives us the ability to zoom in and reframe the image. We used the encoded version, which is more fickle with PID settings than the original Helix. Funny Paolo, I was an early adopter of the 5D MKII, still have it and have a 5DMKIII and worked through ML through the early days. We always use double opt-in, so please confirm your subscription by clicking on the link you will receive in an email after you hit "sign up". I love that the off-speed rate is full S35 – unlike the C300II which has a huge crop factor. Based upon my experience with the C100, C300, C300 MKII…. And there’s internal scratch audio, which was one of the biggest pains of using the C100 mkI on a gimbal. Another thing was that during my shoot the screen was not very bright. Are the shoots of Sebastian filmed with the c200 or a different camera? The Canon C200 is certainly better than the C100, but it doesn’t perform magic. There is so such thing as non-literal shooting. And isn’t that the whole point of introducing new tech in our industry? That’s it. Still, keep in mind that this C200 review reflects my subjective opinion, derived from my own experience and shooting style. Five quality ND filters could cost you over $1000, in one diameter size and ND strength alone, for just a portion of your lenses. But color science is comparable. I totally agree with this one. It’s like running a C300 image through a retro Instagram filter. Thankfully the C200 user experience is pretty similar to the C100/C300 that we’re very comfortable with. Canon kindly invited me to attend a press event surrounding their new Canon C200 cinema camera. The top of the body has two 1/4-20” threads, so you can decide whether to place it closer to the front or back of the camera. With Apple ProRes HQ 10-bit, the Canon C200 would be a perfect fit for everyone and for most of my projects. No data rate, bit rate or color space specs confirmed or denied. The result is a well-rounded and powerful cinema camera package that mostly works in tandem with the operator. Canon has certainly put a lot of their camera-making experience into the Canon C200. So it is certainly not a placebo. Logically, the C200 should fall in between those, using the Canon, old-school Japanese marketing mindset. The Canon EOS M200 is a modest update to the M100 that was announced in August 2017. Trust us, we’ve been down that road when our Cfast media failed, and it’s very frustrating to say the least. Canon C200 Review - Impressive RAW Footage & Ergonomics For Little Money. I don’t know unfortunately, but I’d prefer to use Cfast than a solution like this. It’s $7,500.00 with everything and $6,000.00 for the stripped down C200B version for gimbal/Steadicam/Slider users. Will wait for Canon’s approval on this one. We churn through different types of lights, we get more sophisticated in our setups, we spend a long time perfecting the image, all for a shot that only appears in our videos briefly. Worse yet, the length of the cable is either too short, or too long, depending on where your monitor is placed. Note that I recorded 50p 4K RAW, so maybe that will make a difference when going with the Transcend. Sorry I don’t know, but I’d presume a camera like this has guidelines. Note that the Ursa Mini 4K has no rolling shutter, but the 4.6K does have it. Both the LCD screen and EVF are much improved in their resolution and clarity (over the C100). Truth be told, any Canon Cinema camera image can look amazing with proper lighting, a good lens, and accurate metering. But for many shooters, ergonomics and reliability is another key aspect when it comes to evaluating a camera. But computers become faster, the software gets better, and sooner or later all that will speed up. For $6,000 this camera does almost everything a cinema camera shooter could wish for. Note that this is not a scientific test. Finally, and this point is important to consider. A week after the announcement of this affordable 4K RAW camera, we had a chance to put it to the test, shoot a lot of RAW and MP4 footage and create this Canon C200 Review for you. To start, I’ve shot 99% of OWL BOT’s content on a C100mkII, so I’m already familiar with the body type and workflow. C200 Cinema Raw Light records 12bit 4K DCI at 30p and 10bit 4K DCI at 60p. from cinema5D Plus . There’s something incredible about the C300II image, that simple specs and dynamic range charts can’t explain. It was heartening to hear that the .MP4 recording, while under the specs most of us would like, is totally usable for many users and clients for long form. I don’t think they will give you the option to change ISO. Disclaimer: At cinema5D we have tested almost every cinema camera on the market. The C200 is an exciting camera, but not for the typical reasons. That way we can use up valuable time and get B-roll even while one of us is shooting the interview. 8 bit. I imagine the XF-AVC firmware update will be 10bit 4:2:2 like the c300 mk ii. However, to our surprise, the cable on the C100/C300 hand grip, with a Zacuto Grip Extender, works perfectly on the C200. Add to that the fact that this camera offers the best auto focus any cinema camera currently has to offer, face detection, the convenient focus assist feature, great low-light qualities and a rugged, reliable, ergonomic body with up to 10 stops of built-in ND. CFX600 or CFX650? Hi Christopher, I’m glad the review helped. By the looks of it you can remove the cable out of the viewfinder? Since then, the price has come down significantly. defenetly not a camera for me!!! Unfortunately, I noticed a bit of aliasing and moire in the slow motion footage, where it often became visible in contrasty areas with fine lines. But of course, the theories and speculation are rampant all over the industry forums, speculating why Canon would do this or that. We were told by Canon that it is:SDI and HDMI output in 4:2:2 10 bit in 2K/HD. C200 on a Letus Helix Jr, C300 mkII on a Letus Helix Standard. Thanks! The new top handle has improved over previous C cameras and feels very solid with several added mounting options. One or the other. ​Business of Videography - our video production services infographic helps you figure out exactly what kind of video the client wants. So now we have to transcode all the media to Proxy because the interview clips are slowing the workflow down. It’s more compact, it has 4k at 60fps, the XLR inputs moved to the camera body, which means the monitor unit is no longer a bulky mess like on the C300. So for most people out there, we recommend the standard Canon C200 on a gimbal. The Canon EOS R ecosystem is pretty new. We can see the benefit of a C200B for production crews who will use it 99% of the time on a gimbal, or for C200 owner/operators who would rent a C200B as a gimbal camera on productions where they need a gimbal camera on standby. How did the C200 do on the Helix Jr? But hey, it gives us an excuse to buy new stuff. The menu look has changed considerably, but overall we became familiar with it fairly quickly. The Canon C200 has 2 separate rotating filter stages. It works. But all HD recording is limited to 35 mbps, using an H264 codec in an MP4 wrapper, in 4:2:0 8-bit. If you want to record UHD/4K to internal cards only, you can only choose the 4K RAW Light / 2K 35mbps Proxy combination, or shoot only to UHD 150mbps. As we recently pointed out in our article for the Video Devices PIX-E5 monitor/recorder, we found an Alibaba page that showed one factory manufacturing Cfast cards for the top brand names out there today. Without even an option to the RAW other than a stupid mp4 100mbits? It is certainly a usable alternative that makes sense in broadcast and documentary, but don’t expect to get 12-bit RAW quality from an 8-bit mp4. GR8 job on this review Sebastian! For now, however, it feels a little strange to include it in the C200, but not provide higher quality compressed recording in 4:2:2 10-bit to an MP4. I could literally shoot any way I wanted, I didn’t even have to expose correctly. We love the C300 mkII because the images make it look like we actually know what we’re doing. Let’s talk about the XLR inputs and audio controls for a minute. People are underestimating how awesome these two things will be in real world use. Not wanting to disturb or interrupt the interview, we were able to use the camera completely by itself, without any attachments (except the lens of course), and steal a dozen slide shots without re-rigging the camera. which Transcend CFast card did you use? The C200 ticks all the boxes for me. Supports Canon lens system. Also new is support for Canon's Cinema RAW Light format, which Canon first announced alongside the EOS C200. How would this work for a space-saving workaround? I could get by with 10bit HD to ProRes via a Ninja Pro for longer non 4K work, although I’d sure like to ditch the external recorder. The Canon EOS C100 mkI was an immensely popular camera for documentary, corporate, and web video producers upgrading from the DSLR form factor. And the EVF really doesn’t take up that much space on a gimbal. The Canon C200 also offers MP4 with a compression of 150 Mbps, a standard h.264 compression that most entry level prosumer cameras get these days. Not only are internal NDs a thousand times more convenient, and less likely to affect the image negatively, they also save you a lot of money. When the Canon C200 was announced, we did a little happy dance. You could even gaff tape it to the camera body, which is far superior to having the HDMI terminal stick out of the camera without any protection whatsoever. As we know, the sensor is mostly similar to the previous Canon C camera sensors so not much has changed there, and people who are familiar with C cameras will appreciate the low-noise organic look. Autofocus did not work in slow motion, on the camera with beta firmware I tested. Why? The XLR cables pull to the right. Canon have been doing this for a while and in particular with … The quality is organic, the rolloff is soft and most importantly, there is a lot of shadow information. I think the Fs7 was a big step backwards from the c309 for unscripted content. And which you preferring in terms of quality.. 150mbps is within a decent range of quality and space compression for both narrative filmmakers and broadcast professionals. And then once you have your monitor attached, you can add a Rode VideoMic Pro Plus on top, for a super compact run and gun camera rig. This is an ignorant comment. Most of all, we're glad that Canon still has the power to surprise us all. Some people are saying the Ursa Mini, well the URSA is in my estimation 2.5 times as heavy and cumbersome and we were playing with both today, The C200 maybe the camera for documentaries. And we already had all the lenses we needed. Argh. Thankfully, the new monitor requires no extra battery, which makes it a brilliant gimbal monitor. One of the big benefits to having DPAF will be to fly the camera on a gimbal. BUT, From you Opinion does c200 stands just as well? So to put things in perspective, in order to get RAW quality from the Canon C200 you need about 10 times as much storage space as when recording 8 bit on a Sony a7S II and about 2-3 times as much space as when recording 10 bit on the Panasonic EVA1. This is why it can and often does increase usable dynamic range in your files. The difference in sharpness between RAW and C-Log 3 might be because C-Log is recorded with default -10 Sharpness. But it definitely shook and jittered anytime we pushed the movements. Canon's C200 has been on the radar for quite some time as an affordable cinema camera. The dynamic range on the C200 is good and the highlight rolloff isn’t Alexa, but certainly closer to it than a lot of other cinema cameras under $10k. That’s frustrating for anyone who shoots for broadcast clients that require 50mbps - no matter what you tell them about the current MP4 flavor being twice as better as old MPEG2 standards. Great for Photos but lousy for video. The buttons on the camera body were so similar to other C-cameras that we could comfortably find them blindly. The Canon EF-mount Cinema EOS C300 Mark II Camcorder with Dual Pixel CMOS AF features a Super 35mm CMOS. The C200 meets our capture spec only when doing RAW capture. If it theoretically cost more in Cfast cards than your camera itself, to shoot a day’s worth of footage, perhaps it’s time to look at other cameras. You know I tested it today, and I loved it. The C200 has built-in 10 stops of NDs and an incredible autofocus. Fortunately for you, I was also given the chance to record a lot of footage with it and draw my own conclusions for this C200 review. © 2020 All rights reserved. But for many shooters, ergonomics and reliability is another key aspect when it comes to evaluating a camera. Hi Christopher,Unfortunately I do not remember. 3 years ago. The EOS C200 Digital Cinema Camera is a “ready-to-go” production camera, right out of the box. For us, we’re determined that all Cfast cards will fail. However, I am pretty sure the C200 screen will not be able to hold up against the latest high-bright screens that are so convenient to work with, like the new smallHD FOCUS. It's a toss up. Were you able to find out if the HDMI output is 4k “10bit” or has Canon locked it down to 8bit output? I have no doubt some new RF lenses and accessories will come pretty soon. From this review it looks like it’s finally here. So it’s up to you, whether you trust the big name brands, or you believe in user reports, or you buy into official recommendations. But a C200 fit on the Helix Jr. without issue. Could you please upload at least one raw file somewhere? This is exactly what the C700 offers, but it is a camera in a different price class. Not having to question 4k capture means you no longer have to worry about how to respond to clients when they ask for 4k, especially for very long productions where it seems wasteful and unnecessary. As such, if RAW is not used to its full potential, it may not be beneficial to many users like documentary and event shooters, for whom RAW alone may not be a good selling point. With some work, it’s always possible to make any footages color-match the Canon C200. SEBASTIAN the “convince me” was of course ironic…..math is math but i still think JASON that a properly shot scene well graded is IDENTICAL to a log scene with a lut…..we are in front of a good camera that you are considering already a ferrarimy idea is always the same there is nothing HOT here. Canon is smart at giving that entire market something to consider with the EOS C200, especially because there are many up and coming filmmakers who are buying into one camera system that they’re using for all kinds of work, including narratives, music videos, documentaries, web series, commercials, and so on. Loved the AF. Check out my footage below: I strongly urge you to either download the source file from Vimeo and watch this on a good 4K screen. The stock monitor mount, along with a Cinevate Universal Accessory Mount above it. Or maybe the CMOS chip has been changed. It’ll just mean you have to spend more money, like on a totally pimped out iMac Pro, for example. I hear it will still be 8 bit 150 mbps, but hopefully 4.2.2. instead of 4.2.0. Whether you prefer a monitor only like the SmallHD Focus, or a monitor/recorder like the Video Devices PIX-E5, the C200 becomes a very compact interview camera now that you don’t need to depend on the C300 LCD/XLR unit, or the C100 XLR top handle. But with some cameras, like the C300 mkII, we can break every rule in the book and still come away with a beautiful image, no matter how far we veer from the recommended exposure range. But the addition of the XLR inputs and audio controls is what really sells the C200 as an interview cam. If you know this kind situation, then you know that the leaves under the tree should be very dark and the spots where the sun hit the wet leaves should be very overexposed. The Egodisk 256GB cards are rated VPG-130 and I have been shooting CRL to them with the C200 for six months without a glitch. Review Canon C200. TL;DR: In many ways the Canon EOS C200 is a perfect cinema camera, and it's the long awaited upgrade to C100 shooters looking to get into 4k capture. It means these video creators can simply grab a C200 body and shoot high quality content handheld, or placing it on a gimbal, or attaching it to the side of a car. Canon S35 cinema sensors are 1.5 crop. Obviously I’m okay with giving up some because I’m looking for that 250-400mbps 10-bit detail and not Raw. In fact, we did just that on the first day of shooting with the C200. At this point I must admit that after having spent time with the camera and seeing the footage, there are a lot of good arguments that speak in favour of it! We shot both cameras in plain ol Clog, using the same settings across the board. I imagine you can at least do 60fps, right? You should check out the movie “Blue Ruin” (on Netflix) which was an indie shot on an original C300 with practically no money. If they would enable an HD/2k raw lite option in camera (full sensor) purchasing this cam would be a no brainer. We will see. Thanks for this review Sebastian ; ). There are 5 internal ND filters, which is amazing. Yep! RAW was what most people were interested in regarding the Canon C200. Then the DR is better on 200. This gives us a pretty good idea about a camera’s strengths and weaknesses in order to recommend the best tool for the job. The EOS C300 mkI has had even longer legs than the C100. How much detail and ability to grade would you lose? If Canon is smart, they’ll make the XF-AVC codec 10bit 422 at a decent bit rate, then this thing would sell off the charts . Oh and it doesn’t do 4k at 60fps. We are working filmmakers, not armchair bloggers. That was shot on 8 bit with the original Canon Log. It looks like it’s almost in front of the lens. At one point, SanDisk, the Canon favorite, was found to have a serious issue with the 1DX mkII that made Canon recommend all shooters suspend using their cards until a firmware update. If Canon locks the hdmi port to just 8bit and non clog, they will lose a lot of c200 sales. Promo Videos - ​Check out our complete corporate video production guide, including not only gear but how to approach new clients, choose your niche, and how to price yourself. The worst feeling in the world comes from watching an hour long interview that is *just slightly* out of focus. (We have a review of the C200 monitor on a C300 mkII now - check it out). My sourse is a friend who just attended Cinegear in LA and thats what he asked Canon at the show, and that is what they told him. For example, right now we’re all confounded by the time it takes to process 16 minutes of RAW Light footage, to transcode it into an editable codec such as ProRes. and will look like mush in comparison. On paper, the Canon EOS C200 seems to solve everything a lot of the problems that have prevented DSLR and C100 users from moving to the C300 mkII. We found that this issue is not as big as others have mentioned, because all HDMI connections are flimsy, and in the case of the C200, at least it's kind of "protected" by the body on the left side, and your hand on the right side. So many production houses jumped from Canon to Sony based on specs and now we’re stuck with a glut of of shows with pasty skin tones and AWOL colors (see most anything on Vice TV). What we feel is a bigger problem than the HDMI terminal is the monitor cable placement. Great review!Two questions:1 – Does the continues tracking AF work when shooting at 120P?2 – Can you send the screen overlay through the HDMI port to an external monitor/view finder (in my case a Gratical) and assign a button to turn the overlay on and off? Perhaps our LensRentals C200 had something changed in the picture profile backend, but we noticed a difference right away, just looking at the LCD screen. It has a 1-inch CMOS sensor, which is not vastly different than the C300's APS-C CMOS sensor. so this means I could scrap my Atomos Ninja, work with the C200 in raw, and if/when I need to deliver Apple ProRes 422 files, this camera would be fine? They have some of the most neutral color tint and minimal vignetting for the price, and ND filters can get very expensive. When you are recording raw, are you seeing straight forward image? In my experience Apple ProRes 4444 still gives you a pretty solid, almost RAW image. There’s internal MP4 recording on an SD card, up to 60fps in 4K UHD, at 4:2:0 and 150mbps. If they do i will buy it but i’m afraid they don’t cause the c300mars2 owners !! Not sure if DPAF works in higher than 60 fps frame rates. One thing's for certain, we had to get our hands on a C200 and use it on a real world review. And really, it’s not necessary. I can do it on my C100/300. The Canon C200 has ND filters all taken care of.

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