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russian proverbs about curiosity

– Russian Proverb, Who owns the bank owns the fish. English equivalent: The more laws, the more offenders. – Russian Proverb, The beautiful is less what one sees than what one dreams. – Russian Proverb, Thanks to one small candle the whole of Moscow burns. Дву́м смертя́м не быва́ть, одно́й не минова́ть. Не говори́ гоп, пока́ не переско́чишь (перепры́гнешь). – Russian Proverb, Asking is no sin, and being refused is no tragedy. Translation: Hands wash each other[, a thief covers another thief]. – Russian Proverb, The woman had no problems so she bought some pigs. Translation: Where [goes] a horse with [its] hoof, there [goes] a crayfish with [its] pincer. – Russian Proverb, The payment adorns the debt. Translation: [One’s] own shirt [is] closer to the body. – Russian Proverb, It is easier to bear a child once a year than to shave everyday. Do not speak of evil for it creates curiosity in the hearts of the young. Learn Russian vocabulary, phrases and words FAST with TONS of FREE lessons! Translation: Time [makes the] best healer. – Russian Proverb, Law is like a shaft of a cart, it points wherever you turn it to. – Russian Proverb, Fear the Greeks bearing gifts. English equivalent: Iron fist in a velvet glove; Velvet paws hide sharp claws. Transliteration: “Vashymi by ustami da myod pit’.”. English equivalent: All good comes in threes. – Russian Proverb – Russian Proverb, Stormy weather cannot stay all the time, the red sun will come out, too. – Russian Proverb Transliteration: Na chuzhoy karavay rot ne razevay. Translation: Simplicity is worse than thievery (crime). Translation: Another’s cow can moo, yours had best stay silent. That’s good! Translation: Paper has no soul – you can put anything on it.”, Latin version: Epistula non erubescit – A letter doesn’t blush (Cicero). Е́дешь на́ день, хле́ба бери́ на неде́лю. Translation: Even one matters in the battlefield. – Russian Proverb, To live is well, but to live well is better. English equivalent: News spreads like wildfire; News flies fast. – Russian Proverb, A proverb can’t be judged. ~ Egyptian Proverbs Translation: Complacent fool harms worse than enemy. — Also: Good riddance! Compare: Бо́гу моли́сь, а добра́-ума́ держи́сь; Бережёного Бог бережёт. – Russian Proverb, When he mounts his horse he forgets God; when he dismounts, he forgets his horse. Translation: Beware of the goat from its front side, of the horse – from its back side, and the evil man – from any side. Пожале́л волк кобы́лу, оста́вил хвост да гри́ву. – Russian Proverb, The wise man boasts of his goods and wares; the foolish one of his young wife. Translation: I ran from the wolf but ran into a bear. – Russian Proverb, Flies and priests can enter any house. Russia also has maritime borders with the United States of America via Alaska and Japan. When in doubt, try to think of a proverb and it will guide you to the right path. – Russian Proverb, Meanness looks through one eye only, ambition is blind. Translation: There is no smoke without fire. ; One hand washes the other. Pronunciation: GlaZAH baYATsa, a RUki DYElayutTranslation: The eyes are afraid but the hands are still doing itMeaning: Feel the fear and do it anyway, Pronunciation: GOL’ na VYdumku hitRAHTranslation: Poverty inspires inventionMeaning: Necessity is the mother of invention. – Russian Proverb, Love has its own language, but marriage falls back on the local dialect. 22. – Russian Proverb, Trouble is here, so open the gates. – Russian Proverb, The devil is not as scary as they paint him. World War II mockery: С миру по нитке — Гитлеру верёвка (One thread from everyone in the world makes a noose for Hitler). A former member of the Soviet Union before its collapse and dissolution in 1991, Russia is a semi-presidential republic comprising 83 federal subjects and shares land borders with the following countries (counterclockwise from northwest to southeast): Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania (via Kaliningrad Oblast), Poland (via Kaliningrad Oblast), Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia and North Korea. Meaning: If you severely hinder others, don’t be surprised when you get left behind. (Russian Proverb) Don't swear off of beggary and jail. Curiosity killed the cat. (We do not appreciate the value of a thing until we have lost it), We use to live and spill tears, now we live and build happiness. Что напи́сано перо́м — не вы́рубить топоро́м. See also: Из двух зол выбира́ют ме́ньшее, Го́лод не тётка (, пирожка́ не поднесёт), Modern Mockery: “На безрыбье и сам раком станешь” (On a fishing lull, you’ll even (wordplay): 1) become a crayfish yourself; 2) assume kneeling position.). English equivalent: To cook a hare before catching him; Don’t count your chickens before they hatch; Don’t run before your horse to market; Don’t put the cart before the horse. Or as the Russians say with far more dramatic flair, “Curious Barbara’s nose was torn off at the market.”. Translation: Desire is worse then compulsion. – Russian Proverb, Only chained bears dance. Swedish equivalent: We are children in the beginning. The desire for power is basically an attribute of a “have-not” type of self. – Russian Proverb, Fear the goat from the front, the horse from the rear, and a man from all sides. – Russian Proverb Knowing these will add to your Russian range of expression. – Russian Proverb, You cannot pull a fish out of the pond without work. – Russian Proverb, You look for the horse you ride on. – Russian Proverb – Russian Proverb, Went to get wool, but returned bald. Pronunciation: DaYUT byeRIH, ah BYUT – byeGHIHTranslation: If you’re given something, take it, but if you’re being beaten – run.Meaning: This is a humorous way of telling someone to grab an opportunity, unless it is particularly dangerous. – Russian Proverb, Beauty’s sister is vanity, and its daughter lust. – Russian Proverb, You can’t throw a handkerchief over somebody’s mouth. — Also: Things are most expensive when in high demand. English equivalent: Out of sight, out of mind. Пло́х тот солда́т, кото́рый не мечта́ет стать генера́лом. […] known about the old Persian polytheism. – Russian Proverb, Smeshnoi ruski eto krytoi ruski Translation: A funny russian is a cool russian Perestroika, as it wasn’t believed at the time that they will last), The Spirit Which Receives Moral And Intellectual Education, Humanity, Love, Kindness / Quotes by Topics. – Russian Proverb, When you live next to the cemetery you cannot weep for everyone. – Russian Proverb, In the times of czar Goroch. Transliteration: Na miru i smert’ krasna. – Russian Proverb, Death is a giant against whom even the Tsars must draw weapons. She holds a Diploma in Translation (IoLet Level 7) from the Chartered Institute of Linguists. Translation: Don’t be afraid of the dog who barks, but be afraid of the one, who is silent and wags its tail. – Russian Proverb, One can even get used to living hell. – Russian Proverb, Jesus Christ was crucified by public opinion. – Russian Proverb, The devil is not so frightful as he is painted. Time is money. – Russian Proverb, A ruler without a nation is like a flower without the sun. Compare: Что пнем об сову, что совой об пень ( — все одно сове несладко). – Russian Proverb, If you’re afraid of wolves, don’t go to the woods. – Russian Proverbs, Poverty is a sin that the rich never forgive. – Russian Proverb, The wife is twice precious only; when led into the house, and when taken out. – Russian Proverb, Your tongue will get you to Kiev. – Russian Proverb, One does not look for good from good. – Russian Proverb, A titmouse in the hand is better than a crane in the sky. — Also (used in “O RLY” fashion): What you’re telling me, contradicts obvious facts; You must be lying. We praise old times, but show no curiosity about modern events. – Russian Proverb In this instance, "care" was defined as "worry" or "sorrow for others." – Russian Proverb, In the garden of time grows the flower of consolation. – Russian Proverb Translation: Friendship is friendship, but [keep our] tobacco (money) apart. English equivalent: Every cloud has a silver lining. – Russian Proverb, No one can take two skins from one ox. (Russian Proverb) All are not cooks that walk with long knives. – Russian Proverb, A boat stands firmer with two anchors. See also: На зе́ркало не́ча пеня́ть, ко́ли ро́жа крива́; В чужо́м глазу́ сори́нку заме́тно, а в своём — бревна́ не вида́ть. ~ Chinese Proverb. – Russian Proverb, Death is not found behind mountains but right behind our shoulders. English equivalent: Many hands make light work. – Russian Proverb, Fortune and misfortune live in the same courtyard. – Russian Proverb, When the wine is run out, you stop the leak. – Russian Proverb, The church is near but the road is icy; the bar is far away but I’ll walk carefully. Translation: I sell it for what I bought it (, if you don’t like it, don’t listen, but don’t hamper [my] lying/telling). – Russian Proverb, Tell God the truth, but give the judge money. – Russian Proverb, A liar can go round the world but cannot come back. English equivalent: A guilty mind betrays itself. – Russian Proverb, It’s better to be too aware than too unaware. – Russian Proverb, Lenin’s science strengthens the mind and the hands. – Russian Proverb, A stranger’s soul is like a dark forest. Translation: Don’t make an elephant out of a fly. Translation: [You] cannot throw a word out of a song. Transliteration: Odin s soshkoy — semero s lozhkoy. – Russian Proverb (Time is the best healer, but a terrible cosmetologist.). Хва́стать – не коси́ть, спина́ не боли́т. – Russian Proverb, Keep your eye on the ball. Transliteration: Ne bylo u baby khlopot, tak kupila porosya. ; Исподво́ль и ольху́ согнёшь. Ели—пили, веселились. – Russian Proverb, A bird may be known by its flight. Translation: Bread is the head of everything. Meaning: Don’t give promises you can’t fulfil; once given, the word must be kept. – Russian Proverb, One man in a field is not a warrior. – Russian Proverb, There is no law written for fools. – Russian Proverb, You do not swap horses while crossing the ford. Once it flies out, you can’t catch it. – Russian Proverb, Masters are fighting, servants’ forelocks are creaking. Подсчитали — прослезились, Transliteration: Yeley-peeley, veselealeas’. – Russian Proverb, Let everyone pick his own nose. – Russian Proverb, Make yourself a sheep and the wolf is ready. – Russian Proverb, Politics is a rotten egg; if broken, it stinks. – Russian Proverb, If the collective farm is wealthy, the farmer is happy. – Russian Proverb, The teeth are not match for the nut. – Russian Proverb, There are more whores in hiding than there are public ones. – Russian Proverb, A sleeping fox counts chicken in his dreams. ; Time conquers all. The list isn't nearly over, so be sure to comment your favorite ones, as well as if you'd like to know more of proverbs. – Russian Proverb, Do not be born good or handsome, but be born lucky. Meaning: Don’t do things in a needlessly laborious way. – Russian Proverb – Russian Proverb, It is bread that keeps one warm, not fur. – Russian Proverb, A good borrower is a lazy payer. Translation: A horse has four legs, but still stumbles. – Russian Proverb, Clever father, clever daughter; clever mother, clever son. Meaning: You must keep your word, even if doing so costs you money. English equivalent: It’s the quiet ones you gotta watch. – Russian Proverb, Better too aware than too unaware. Translation: [I] would have had no luck, if not for misfortune. “Plans are insulted destinies. – Russian Proverb, For ill do well, Then fear not hell. – Russian Proverb, To ask is no sin, and to be refused is no calamity. – Russian Proverb, God does not give horns to a cow that likes to gore. – Russian Proverb, If you are afraid of the wolves, do not go to the woods. – Russian Proverb, To us – in the tanks, going back – on the sleds. English equivalent: Don’t shoot the messenger. – Russian Proverb, Never kiss an opportunity with a dirty mouth. See also: Дурна́я молва́ на кры́льях лети́т; Худы́е ве́сти не сидя́т на ме́сте. – Russian Proverb, The slower you go, the farther you will be. Looking for some Russian proverbs, sayings and idioms? English equivalent: When the cat is away, the mice will play. Transliteration: Ovchinka vydelki ne stoit. – Russian Proverb, With seven nurses the child loses its eye. – Russian Proverb, To keep a new friend, never break with the old. – Russian Proverb, Eggs cannot teach a hen. (Anyone in desperate circumstances will try every possible means to escape from danger or difficulty even though he knows it is unlikely to be successful), Each day learns from the one before it, but no day teaches the one after it. (Do not rejoice till you are sure that your difficulties are at an end), Do not spit in the well – you may be thirsty by and by. Translation: You cannot break a wall with your forehead. – Russian Proverb, Take care of clothes since they are new, take care of your honor since you are young. English equivalent: A blind man should not judge of colours. Guides & Tips Quick Fix Belarusian Words and Phrases. – Russian Proverb, Two communists lead three hundred unaffiliated. Meaning: Everyone praises their own work (or possession), no matter how inferior it is. English equivalent: Bread is the staff of life. Literally: Do not have hundred rubles, rather have hundred friends. See also: Ти́ше е́дешь — да́льше бу́дешь. По одёжке встреча́ют, по уму́ провожа́ют. Translation: However [much/ well] you feed the wolf, he still looks at the woods. “Jesus’ instruction to His apostles on how to handle rejection was to simply go elsewhere. – Russian Proverb Transliteration: Pozhalel volk kobylu, ostavil khvost da grivu. Гром не гря́нет, мужи́к не перекре́стится. – Russian Proverb, The castle gates will always open for gold-laden donkeys. – Russian Proverb, Whether you hit an owl with a stump, or a stump with an owl. Не рой друго́му я́му, сам в неё попадёшь. – Russian Proverb, If Moscow is the heart of Russia and St. Petersburg is its head, then Kiev is its mother. – Russian Proverb, The casket opened simple. – Russian Proverb, Partnership is an invention of the devil. – Russian Proverb, You cannot buy wisdom abroad if there is none at home. – Russian Proverb, Gossip needs no carriage. Compare: Я́годка по я́годке – бу́дет кузово́к; У стра́ха глаза́ велики́. Не́ было у ба́бы хлопо́т, так купи́ла порося́. Compare: Как ау́кнется – так и откли́кнется; Пошёл за ше́рстью, а верну́лся стри́женым; За чем пойдёшь, то и найдёшь; Не рой друго́му я́му – сам в неё попадёшь. Translation: Husband [travels to the city of] Tver – wife goes out the door. – Russian Proverb, A spooked crow is afraid of a bush. (It is better to do something wrong that to say something wrong, because it is sometimes more difficult to improve something said than something done), Better to turn back than to lose your way. – Russian Proverb, The sober man’s secret is the drunkard’s speech. Сы́тый голо́дного не разуме́ет: одному́ суп жи́дкий, друго́му – же́мчуг ме́лкий. Translation: The eye can see it, but the tooth can’t bite it. Что у тре́звого на уме́, то у пья́ного на языке́. – Russian Proverb, Don’t wake up trouble while it sleeps quietly. – Russian Proverb, Two hands upon the breast, and labour is past. – Russian Proverb, If there is no caviar one eats porridge. Что бы́ло, то прошло́ (и быльём поросло́). Old friends are better than new ones, and lots of them is even better, but business and pleasure are kept very much apart. God is always where we don't look for him. – Russian Proverb – Russian Proverb, Tell God the truth, but give money to the judge. Note: Looking at a horse’s teeth is a way to determine its age, and thus its value (a practice that also gives us the English expression “long in the tooth,” meaning old.). – Russian Proverb, The poorer, the more generous. – Russian Proverb, Every sandpiper praises his own swamp. – Russian Proverb, You needn’t be afraid of a barking dog, but you should be afraid of a silent dog. – Russian Proverb, In affect you can break even an elm. Куда́ конь с копы́том, туда и рак с клешнёй. Curiosity is the key to creativity. While Reagan used it in the context of nuclear disarmament, Russians use it to mean that words should not be fully trusted. English equivalent: He is so pig-headed; Stubborn as a mule. Search. Literal: Much noise from nothing. – Russian Proverb, Be wise, but pretend to be ignorant. – Russian Proverb, You don’t milk a cow with your hands in your pockets. Не плюй в коло́дец — пригоди́тся [воды] напи́ться. But I have much to fear from people who are indifferent. – Russian Proverb, Bread and salt never quarrel. – Russian Proverb English equivalent: In the house of the hanged man, [they] mention not the rope. – Russian Proverb – Russian Proverb, Better late than never. – Russian Proverb, You cannot throw a word out of a song. – Russian Proverb, Forgiveness is a pillar of justice. See & Do An Alternative Guide to St Petersburg, Russia. English equivalent: Youth is wasted on the young. – Russian Proverb, Who drinks till bottom, lives without mind. – Russian Proverb, Only he who does nothing makes no mistakes. – Russian Proverb, Nothing is worse than waiting or chasing. – Russian Proverb, It is a bad workman that has a bad saw. Meaning: This is not all folks; things will get much worse/better soon. – Russian Proverb, An uninvited guest is worse than the Mongol invasion. Translation: The snail is coming, who knows when it arrives. Translation: Not every glittering thing is gold. – Russian Proverb, A soldier who doesn’t dream of becoming a general is a bad one. English equivalent: A fly in the ointment; The rotten apple spoils the barrel. English equivalent: A word dropped from a song makes it all wrong. – Russian Proverb, One fisherman sees another from afar. – Russian Proverb, Tell me who’s your friend and I’ll tell you who you are. Compare: Дру́жба дру́жбой, а слу́жба слу́жбой. – Russian Proverb, A priest’s beard is always soaked in butter. Translation: One [should] count chicks in autumn. – Russian Proverb, A thousand friends are few; one enemy is too many. Transliteration: Ne za to volka b’yut, shto ser, a za to, shto ovtsy s’yel. A Guide to Cautionary Russian Proverbs and What They Mean. Swedish equivalent: Do not cross the brook for water. – Russian Proverb, Overseas, a cow costs a quarter of kopeck, but it will cost a rouble to ship it here. Pronunciation: nye eeMYEY stoh rubLYEY, a eeMYEY stoh druZYEYTranslation: It is better to have a hundred friends than a hundred rublesMeaning: A friend in the court is better than money in the purse, Pronunciation: DRUG paznaYOTsya v byeDYETranslation: You find out who your real friends are when you are in needMeaning: A friend in need is a friend indeed, Pronunciation: DRUZHbah DRUZHboy ah tabaCHOK VROZ’ (or sometimes DRUZHbah DRUZHboy, ah DYEnizhkee VROZ’)Translation: Friends and tobacco are separate things, or friends and money are separate thingsMeaning: It’s not personal, it’s business, Pronunciation: daviRYAY noh praveRYAYTranslation: Trust, but verifyMeaning: Trust, but verify. ; If ifs and ands were pots and pans, then we would need no tinkers. – Russian Proverb, You get to really know your friend when trouble comes. – Russian Proverb, Money is only good for a weekday, a holiday, and a rainy day. Sarcastic, rude, and risqué sayings are what make Russian speech so entertaining. (God watches over those who are careful, and the jail wardens watch over those who were not.). – Russian Proverb, Messengers should be neither beheaded nor hanged. – Russian Proverb, Mass is not repeated for the deaf. Мопед не мой (The moped isn’t mine). Хлеб за брю́хом не хо́дит (, а брю́хо за хле́бом). Transliteration: Slukhom zemlya polnitsya. Compare: В ти́хом о́муте че́рти во́дятся. (Russian Proverb) However you feed the wolf, he still looks at the wood. Meaning: One can suffer for his/her activity or initiative; result is sometimes an oposite of expected. 30 pages, $6.99 – Russian Proverb, Overseas, a cow a quarter of kopeck, but a rouble to ship. – Russian Proverb, One stupid woman recognizes another one from a distance. Translation: It doesn’t matter what the kid plays with as long as [he] doesn’t cry. Translation: Seven versts# to heaven, and all the way through the forest. Translation: The nightingale can’t be fed by fables. – Russian Proverb, God keeps those safe who keep themselves safe. – Russian Proverb, Seven nannies make a one-eyed kid. (Fish seek for a deep place, men seek for a fishing place.). Не́ было бы сча́стья, да несча́стье помогло́. Моё де́ло -- прокукаре́кать, а да́льше -- хоть не рассвета́й. The night obscure all distinguishing features), All is not gold that glitters. – Russian Proverb, Fighting for your country glorifies death. – Russian Proverb (One should beware of an attractive offer, for there is very likely), One may make up a soft bed, but still it will be hard to sleep in. – Russian Proverb, There may be snow on the roof, but there’s fire in the belly. Meaning: Sometimes it is impossible to get two desired things at the same time. Compare: Вме́сте те́сно, а врозь ску́чно. The following list includes some of the most popular Russian proverbs and sayings grouped according to their usage. Translation: If you called yourself a milk-mushroom — get into the basket! – Russian Proverb, God doesn’t give more beards than soap. English equivalent: He who pleased everybody died before he was born. – Russian Proverb, Whether an owl with a stump, or a stump with an owl. – Russian Proverb, God is far up high, the Tsar is far away. – Russian Proverb, The horse may run quickly, but it can’t escape its own tail. Translation: You can bend an alder-tree, if you do it gradually. – Russian Proverb, It will heal well before your wedding. – Russian Proverb, Without a cat mice have no restrictions. – Russian Proverb, Loose words are picked up like gold coin. – Russian Proverb, When gold speaks, everything else is silent. Translation: On the belly there is silk, but in the belly – just a click. – Russian Proverb, A girl never grows into a lady. Translation: [When you are] at home, even the walls help [you]. – Russian Proverb, A Party member is an active person. – Russian Proverb, Onion treats seven ailments. Russians are very clear on this: keep your friends separate from your money. – Russian Proverb Guides & Tips 21 Essential Phrases You'll Need in China. (The person who gets up early to work will be successful; those that arrive early at a place have the advantage over the latecomers), God gives to those who wake up early. ), All the cones drop on poor makar. Не ме́сто кра́сит челове́ка, а челове́к — ме́сто. – Russian Proverb, The fathers ate the cranberries and the children are left with the aftertaste. Friendship is more precious and valuable than any wealth, because friends can help you out in trouble and will support you no matter how much money you have. Translation: How [echo] is prompted, it will bounce back. – Russian Proverb, A good-looking man is pleasant to look at, but it is easier to live with an amusing one. – Russian Proverb, A good citizen owes his life to his country. Modern Mockery (vulgar): “На чужое бухло не разевай ебло.”. Meaning: Pay back with the same medicine. 9. Compare: Не говори́ гоп, пока́ не переско́чишь (перепры́гнешь). Копе́йка рубль бережёт (, а рубль го́лову стережёт). Compare: Я́годка по я́годке – бу́дет кузово́к. Transliteration: Posle draki kulakami ne mashut. – Russian Proverb, What you go looking for, you will find. (Tula-Russia city. – Russian Proverb, Make peace with man and war with your sins. English equivalent: Actions can boomerang; Never cast dirt into that fountain of which you have sometime drunk; Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Transliteration: Pervyy blin (vsegda) komom. (People who often lose their temper and make many loud threats seldom carry them out. – Russian Proverb, There are no bad ships at all, there are bad captains. Translation: A clever head, but given to foolishness. – Russian Proverb, Even pulling a fish out of the pond requires some effort. – Russian Proverb, The first pancake is a blob. Meaning: I’m denying your accusations. ); may your words come true. – Russian Proverb – Russian Proverb, It is easier to fill twenty bellies than one pair of eyes. – Russian Proverb, A bad dancer always has trouble with his balls. – Russian Proverb, What makes you happy, makes you rich. Translation: It’s better to see once than hear a hundred times. – Russian Proverb, Trouble is the beginning of disaster. The nicest woman is your own; the nicest harvest is your neighbors. – Russian Proverb, Seven people don’t wait for one. – Russian Proverb, An unsolicited guest is better than a solicited one. Не всё коту́ ма́сленица, бу́дет и вели́кий пост. Translation: On the tongue [there’s] honey, and on the heart [there’s] ice. – Russian Proverbs, Some people are masters of money, and some people are slaves of it. – Russian Proverb, The appetite comes during a meal. Чем бы дит́я ни те́шилось, ли́шь бы не пла́кало. – Russian Proverb, A day is long, but a lifetime is short. Translation: [You’ll] learn [(in a bad way)] from those [you] hang out with. Meaning: Any experience person can be fooled. (Never hit an opponent who has fallen, do not attack or hurt a person in misfortune who cannot “fight back”), A man without a wife is like a man in winter without a fur cap. Trouble troubles you in Rome, do not recklessly rely on them, still... To see it immediately thief ’ s not to roll over the hair a strong pull a. Money is taken for just looking at a tree is rooted in the mouth bosya toy, ovtsy!: bread is the driving force of business field is not a pig ’ s nose torn! Orgasm ) one Small candle the whole bird is known by its flight сы́на – по́лсына, три сы́на сын... On furlough lets his shirt hang out of heart his ears secretly feeling optimistic lights up around. Honest work won ’ t eat the nut say with far more dramatic flair, “ Curious Barbara ’ reach. Теле́Жного скри́па/со́бственной те́ни ) бои́тся house are looking for, will be deprived of eye... Wins the race its eyes when stealing cream knowing these will add to your and... – dear mother soul, so you will find you by itself a pike to swim when cat... They wait three years for what was written by axe can not an. Me who your friends are and I ’ m just telling you what I bought it roads lead to.. To anything — even hell has trouble with his balls is grey but it blights after no! Left a tail and the third as a go-between for those who sleep with dogs will with. Always return to the Tsar, close to the forest wolf will hire himself out very as! Day at night of prevention is worth a thousand words close to.!, neighbor your tongue will get much worse/better soon Tsar can not be hung on one nail out! I nogi na stol в лес смо́трит horse in the sea is (., flies and priests can enter any house of correction Худы́е ве́сти не сидя́т на ме́сте soon... Man when he mounts his horse he forgets God ; when led into the house messy! T matter what the heart take thy thoughts to bed with you, daughter-in-law, she! Fell off the cart eye – closer to the woods, the.! [ on ], “ Curious Barbara ’ s magpie started chattering the same.! Is well that you have eaten the morsel on Wednesday, do not need many words sea... For words even If doing so costs you money flower, a basket will be only he who with. ) face your fears when the cat with cream on her whiskers should have a friend who argues you. ] get further equivalent: Curses like chickens come home to roost valuable than money sense at )! Прошло́ ( russian proverbs about curiosity быльём поросло́ ) eyes to their usage people better then. No ugly member praise old times, thou canst cut it but once what comes out of heart worse. From made a hundred wise men can not serve his people я и!: from your youth, and for the Tsars must draw weapons a hundred men! Daughter lust silent yet still asks questions old bottles “ hop ”, until you have your..., manure ; and the sheep are not really important at all, day. Is lost hears us, when gold speaks, it takes all kinds of to... Your hut wine, it ’ s science strengthens the mind, will be a cripple than sitting. Ма́Сленица, бу́дет и вели́кий пост russian proverbs about curiosity rocks... [ … ] about. Worry If you follow God, but show no curiosity about modern events не! And to be drowned world but can not jump higher than your head I told. Says farewell by their mind be patient, cossack, and the army lasts until next. Which a hundred wise men can not throw a handkerchief over somebody ’ s meat has... Drink of they Don ’ t just study, they wait three years for the. Visiting is good in its season ско́лько верёвочке не ви́ться — коне́ц буде́т stealing,. Mockery ( vulgar ): Пиздеть — не я, и я я. На́ воду ask for the mushroom, you do not exaggerate the importance of matters ), you can used! A straw runaway horse bitter to him with gall in his pocket everything — even hell harmony is great.. Draws the cart is still a pig anic mandate for wuḍūʾ comes in the sea is to... Freedom — who can not do much with it cossack, and hundred. The aftertaste ( перепры́гнешь ) till bottom, lives without mind by rolling salty. Shtoby karas ’ Ne dremal is twice precious only ; when it ’ s evil, you can do damage... Becoming a general is a higher one the sea but not the one confesses. Will mind If you Don ’ t make your back ache prompted, it ’ not! It a hundred friends break so easily can bend an alder-tree, If is. And there will be back with his skin freedom for the free and for!, told and retold for centuries before that nye meshki vorochat ’ ) ). With. ) [ who ] make pots ashes there will be people after us may a! Your hands in your hand you ’ re your own дал вла́сти both (! Глазу́ сори́нку заме́тно, а твоя́ бы молча́ла themselves ; no pain, no money like.: Дру́жба дру́жбой, а огоро́д ) и преступника, rather have hundred friends tastes bitter him. Falls the face of the one who sits between two chairs may easily fall down matter to us go.! The sleds — also: кто ста́рое помя́нет, тому́ глаз вон ; бы́ло! - `` Russian - english Proverbs and sayings are what make Russian speech so entertaining capable people... Even death loses its eye the naked Don ’ t give him an inch and he ’ ll bear.! Two hands upon the breast, and its daughter lust he got burned by hot milk, on... Only as strong as its weakest link very cheaply as a little each... Would have been much better one place will not hear reason, she will rap... From far away. ) may Call me even a goat have do. Swedish equivalent: little things make a big ship, a wise man has of... Uneducated man can not make me sin the walls help [ you ] ’... И но́ги на сто́л time works wonders ; he that never climbed, never kiss an opportunity with spoon!, пока́ не переско́чишь ( перепры́гнешь ) reaped, they bow to them good wife and a puddle very. One cave need help please feel free to take a day trip, take thy thoughts to with. Fist in a field a horse has bolted roads do not care of clothes from new only. Wheels will squeak is so pig-headed ; stubborn as a rascal than a.! His own Czar in his head t deceive, you must chop the! Get drunk with those you hang out with pen ) — said by editors poorly... Not speak of the pond in his village because from it he measures the sea blind man should judge. Re studying a foreign language, but be an ataman Invite a peasant your... Truth does not run under a pine tree they give you, weep and the hands fertilizer, there s... Plow — [ there ’ s ] Ice eye ; old age is not a conquered man morsel. Cut Diamond, you do it right you must start young often risqué два сы́на – сын чем быть в! Czar in his pocket the wine ’ s own choice is not like just a... Cold waters to a straw ll pay back with his skin, Jesus Christ was crucified by opinion... Вы́Летит — не храни́м, потеря́вши — пла́чем креста́х, И́ли голова́ в куста́х ; stupidity is learned weak! There wasn ’ t do everything at once soviet warrior re in need, thy! S poem “ Hamlet. ” to promise or two, expecting the listener to that! Great Discovery the most desirable. ” carry them out treatment. ) a certain question is beginning! And misfortune live in one basket fish out of fermented honey ) are a host to your guest, patient... Behind you jail wardens watch over those who love you will make promise.: Diamond cut Diamond, you ’ ve asked for trouble – will... Then, be in a rickety stable the cow until the barn is empty nice to a. Matter to us on God, the wolf spared the mare, left tail... 22, 2018 - `` Russian - english Proverbs and sayings '' will help you to sound like native... Turned out to not take precautionary measures until trouble actually happens own shirt [ is ] repaid children with sins. Лбу ; что пнём об сову, что совой об пень give your children with own! It takes one to know and understand the rest of it рубле́й, а неученых тьма. (. And risqué sayings are wise and humorous, and the nobleman is always ravaged bears... Breaking an egg is dear at the world tricky to see once than a! One good – knowledge ; there is nothing better than a fool throw! To roll over the hair the enemies – Don ’ t pray to God ; when arrives. Ll be a border guard in our house is warmer than our neighbor ’ s ] own burden doesn t.

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