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how to make an ascot out of a scarf

This technique works for both traditional and silk scarves. Make a Retro-Ascot Neck Tie: Modding 2 conventional neckties into one reversible retro-ascot. Great job on making the process so clear. on Step 7. This is basically the same look as an ascot but instead of having the knot and tie hanging in the front of your body you rotate it to the back. You don't want to be using a silk scarf necessarily for this. It's going to look a little bit too feminine. How to tie the simple double knot. First, find an Ascot. The scarf was originally created to be worn around the neck, but as with any piece of garment, we all want to make our own unique twist to it. You can also wear a polo shirt on top, just make sure that the material does not clash with your silk ascot. I do theatre costuming and this is gonna come in sooo handy for that as well as my steampunk obsession. If a suit isn't your thing, sport an ascot with casual apparel to relax the class a bit. If you can't find a pre-formed Ascot, this style of tie will work with a thin scarf. The French/European Knot) and The Ascot are simple knots best employed when you’ve got to get out the door in a hurry. Make a triangle out of it. Chop-off some from the narrow end. How to tie the slip knot ascot. I couldn’t for the life of me find a way to tie it on that I liked. Check out the tutorial to make a bandana here. The ascot is a type of neckwear that looks like a cross between silken scarf and necktie. The ascot has also crossed the lines to become a part of women's fashion. Try different thread tensions and needle styles on the leftover swatch until the stitch comes out right, without snagging the silk. I would begin with one on each side and then work out how many more you need to feel safe and covered. Both The Parisian Knot (a.k.a. If you have not already, please remark to our my weblog. How to Tie a Scarf: The Ascot Knot. I will definitely make this. Turned out quite well all thanks to your instructable. Needed: Optional: sew a top stitch around the edge to lock the seam in place. I ended up ordering one over the Internet from Italy. 11 years ago I don’t even know how to tie an ascot. I have a civil war-era ball coming up, and I decided I needed something fancier than the regular necktie... and it's even cooler that it's homemade! - Sewing machine, seam ripper, steam iron, fabric scissors, matching thread, pins, hand needle. On the real ascot, both ends are equal. You may need to push the seams outward from the inside with the scissor tips or a pointed chopstick or a butter knife. Thank you for sharing! Since they are reversible, it gives the actors a new look by just turning over the ascot. , 5 Rules To Match Clothing Well | Matching Made EASY, No SUIT? 6 years ago Now see how to tie a Traditional Ascot or a Ruche knot (scrunch) here: The pieces should be stain-free and snag-free on the wide end. Used this to make a Doctor Who-inspired ascot with an exploding TARDIS pattern! on Introduction. How To Wear an Ascot. Fold pleats at both of the above points, then run a stitch perpendicular to each one to hold it permanently. Take the accessory and put it on your neck. The upper layer will be wider in some places, and the lower one will be bigger in others. Everyone just loves them. Be especially careful removing the tag from the back because this region of the fabric may be visible in the final product. Also, did you mod that shirt to make it wing collar? Then mark these two points with pins. Do you get any comments? I am Carl Centeno, the founding father of this fashion weblog. No damage to the seam or fabric. Neckerchief under a jacket or a jacket. Using the seam ripper, carefully deconstruct both neckties. Place scarf on flat surface, wrong side up. Like all ties, this won't be washable, but you can steam it or sponge-off stains. Stack them so the heads and tails match, and align the edges of each layer as close as possible, but with the fabric still flat. Cheers. Bummer. Pick out a nice fleece fabric (I'm going to use the fleece with large solid color dots). :). Somehow, reach down inside the tube and turn the assembled panels inside out. Good instructions. You now have a good idea of what the finished tie will look like. Step 1: Spread scarf Spread your scarf on a flat surface in the shape of a diamond. on Step 7, Another way that would be to tie a bead to a length of sturdy thread, make sure the bead lays outside what you are sewing, and the thread runs up between the layers and out the end. The ascot remains a kind of neckwear that resembles a mixture between delicate scarf and tie. Take a square fringed shawl. 5-year-old lifts the spirits of firefighters with a baby yoda. —Lewis Carroll,, Lady Gaga Cosplay - 2020 VMA's Halloween Costume. I prefer to wear one with a blazer as it can add a dash of distinction and rakishness, while with a suit it may appear overly stuffy. An ascot is a form of cravat that was a gentleman's formal afternoon tie. by TheOrigamiCuber. In most applications, this makes no difference. 10 years ago Adjust the scarf so that it looks straight. Tie a regular slip knot and then take one end of the scarf and tuck it around and back into the loop. Drape that side over the knot you have created and cinch it, so that the folded portion lies right under your neck. It's super-spiffy. How to Tie an Ascot. :D. Thanks for making this instructable. We'll see how that goes. Pin all around the edges. You can tie your necktie into an ascot for a similar look. Learn how to style a scarf into the ascot knot. Done. All the interfacings and linings can be discarded or used for other projects. Thanks! Note: You may find the machine needle likes to eat silk. Leave a half inch seam allowance. Take two of your corners side by side and tie them together. Take each end of the scarf and make a knot. Now making more for another theater group. Trim all around so both layers are even, leaving about a quarter inch this time. Thank you, furtographer! I chose them on purpose for that quality. 59 78.5K Basic Origami(B.O.B) ep 1 : How to make a origami cootie. You need to tie an accessory on your face. - Sewing machine, seam ripper, steam iron, fabric scissors, matching thread, pins, hand needle. Use a short stitch length. Right this moment, I will be educating you learn how to tie a shawl and we will be speaking particularly in regards to the ascot and the once-around ascot knot. I made one that turned out quite nicely! 37 6.8K How to Use the Bow Builder Punch from Stampin Up. Stitch and trim as you've indicated, then pull on the ribbon. A cravat is a decorative neck scarf that originated in seventeenth-century Croatia, and which eventually developed into modern neckwear. Ascot Scarf Knot Tying A Man’s Scarf How To Tie Scarves For Males Wrap-Round Ascot Hello! As a verb scarf is to throw on loosely; to put on like a scarf or scarf can be to shape by grinding or scarf can be (transitive|us|slang) to eat very quickly. on Introduction. - Basic machine skills and sewing terminology. Warmth Factor: Low Difficulty Level: Easy / Moderate. Another scarf tutorial from ... Watch to learn how to tie a scarf into a double wrapped ascot. Step 3: Fold top point down Now fold the top point down to meet the straight, closed end of the scarf. Shirt: Short or long-sleeve button-up shirt. The ascot is wider than a necktie and tied in a large, puffy knot. As nouns the difference between ascot and scarf is that ascot is ascot tie while scarf is a long, often knitted, garment worn around the neck or scarf can be a type of joint in woodworking or scarf can be (scotland) a cormorant. - Two conventional neckties of sufficient width, and almost the same width. A cravat is tucked in to a shirt or vest, so it only needs to be about 45 inches. Roll edge ½ way up. 5 years ago Leave a little space and make more ties. Close the opening on the narrow end by hand; tuck-in the seam allowance in and hand-stitch it closed. Excellent 'structable, thanks very much. I'm thinking of modding your mod and using 4 ties, cutting off the tails for some other project (bow ties?) The cravat is the last item I needed for my steam punk outfit and I'm all out of funds, but I've got some great old ties! Center the tie on the back of your neck. You will use 4 pleats on the wide end, and less on the narrow end. 9 years ago on Introduction. The easiest way to turn the tie inside out, would be to tuck a ribbon in the very tip of the point of the bottom seam before you sew it, then leave it long enough to run longer than the length of the tie, letting it dangle out the end. Conventional neckties tend to be about 55 to 58 inches. Thanks for sharing! The tie will be reversible, and suitable as a formal ascot, or for retro-fashion like Steam Punk or Victorian.

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