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railay beach guide

Railay (sometimes spelled Rai Leh) is located in the Krabi province in Southern Thailand. Railay beach is located in the province of Krabi, Thailand. Railay West is a whopping 600m long and in my opinion the best beach. Book Now. Happy travels, While it’s a 4-star resort, we find it to be similar in quality to Sand Sea. so what would some of these costs be roughly in Usd? This is a fixed price with no room for any negotiation. While the walk from Railay East to the Railay West beach is only about 5-10 minutes, it can be nice to be close to Railay’s beaches. Doing nothing is the main occupation at Railay Beach, but there are several things to do on Railay Beach for the more adventurous. There are a few Swimming Pools and restaurants with a great view. . When booking on your own, be sure to inquire if mask & snorkel are included in the price. On the whole its a great complete day trip to enjoy. The entrance fee is officially ฿ 200 per person. Sand Sea typically has the best prices of Railay West’s four resorts. Railay Bay Resort & Spa is located at Railay Beach East with a beautiful view of the Sea. Instead of the footpath through the interior, there’s also a coastal short-cut from Railay to Tonsai accessible during low tide or even mid-tide. Overall was great experience to visit there. This waterproof phone case fits most sizes and can be submerged down to 100 feet! They are sporadically scheduled throughout the year. Would u happen to know where this could be during this wet season ? It’s our favorite spot in Thailand , I love traveling specially to thailand, thank you for shari. So it’s certainly worth considering. I’m headed towards Railay tomorrow and will try to do a follow of your recommendations! What a great experience to share with your kids! This can be a good group tour to beat the mid-day crowds. Small Chang beer in a minimart: 60 baht, or more. But before you pack your bags, be sure to read through this Railay travel guide that details all the awesome things to do in Railay Beach, Thailand! Yet accommodation prices drop significantly during low season, presenting some great deals and excellent values! I have not been there in August, so can’t comment from personal experience, but I’ve found that the rainy seasons throughout Southeast Asia can be overstated and hit-or-miss. Things to Do in Railay Beach Beaches and Sunbathing Lots of things to do around the island. I was there 15 years ago and have such fond memories that I want to go back again – for a short time anyway. Railay Beach is split into two different areas, both of which are walkable: the upmarket and beautiful Railay West, and the less aesthetically pleasing but more affordable Railay East. Enjoy your trip to beautiful Railay! This is a sacred site, so modest dress is advised and enforced upon entry. Maybe next time Also, look for bats! Oh, cool! Railay Beach – Travel Guide. Carla from Brazil! Is there any way to go by walking from our area to Railay Viewpoint and do they charge to go up? Yes, you must go back! Now on every savvy traveller's list, Railay is nevertheless one of Thailand's most sought-after beach areas. Breathable underwear – Railay gets very hot and humid. Railay Beach Beaches. (Up!). Wade shin-deep into the water, place your order, and then enjoy a fresh-cooked meal on the beach. Glad this article was helpful! Or try one of these cool new 180-degree full-face snorkel masks! Extreme tide changes and rubbish-strewn mangroves make the beach very unappealing for swimming. Also, try to time your trip at low tide so you can experience the sandbar connecting Koh Tup to Koh Mawr. It’s great to have for kayaking or snorkeling in Railay. I just saw Railay on a commercial on the Travel Channel. If you miss grabbing your next hold, then you plunge down into the sea below. Just look at this place! Railay Bay Beach Resort and Spa is a 4-star resort located along the beach of Railay West, neighboring the Sand Sea resort. Only accessible by boat, there is a ton of activities to do on this peninsula. Seriously did a double take when I saw those phalluses, how weird! These bungalows are spacious with verandas, some poolside. Personally, it’s our favorite beach in Thailand. Have a great trip! This beach takes just a little more effort to reach compared to Railay Beach itself. I heard sea is quite rough and long tail boats are not always operating…. In any event, I enjoyed a refreshing swim in the clean, clear, calm water. Sometimes they’ll try to upcharge for mask & snorkel if not asked about in advance. We suggest popping over to Tew Lay Bar for a sunset cocktail (see “Drinking in Railay” section). Railay has such a picturesque beach, surrounded by those signature limestone cliffs on both sides of the crescent-shaped coast. You shouldn’t have to actually go searching very far to find monkeys on Railay. The “4-islands boat tour” is the classic route, voyaging from Railay Beach to four different islands. These penis carvings are placed here by fishermen, other locals, and visitors as offerings to the princess of the cave who will hence bring them prosperity. At Tew Lay Bar there are tree-house-like platforms that jut right over into the Andaman Sea. And Railay can be a fairly budget-friendly destination in Thailand too. , Thx for the write-up, especially the “3 Changs for 120 baht” tip – 80 baht for one can would be a crime! Our tour starts at 6 in the morning so that we will have a more productive day and we guarantee that we will not encounter the crowd of other boats. If going solo, you’ll cook three dishes. We found those seafood selections at the resorts to be both overpriced and lacking in quality. We’re not the best photographers. It’s also very hot, humid, and sweat-inducing. Prices: The cost is ฿ 1,200 per person. When their wishes are fulfilled, votive offerings would be made at the shrine. Local Thai food is most common, of course. But those bay-view hotels still boast beautiful views of the limestone cliffs that surround. Top Things to Do on Railay Beach, Thailand East Railay Bay. Quiet and peaceful. Wonderful post! Eco-friendly mosquito repellents – There are mosquitos in Railay, particularly during the late afternoon and early evening. Thank you for the very detailed review, it is the first review that after I read I know what is my exact plan. Descending down into the lagoon is possible without climbing gear, but it’s a much better idea to use gear. Thanks for the tips! You may get a few hours of rain here and there each day. Don't subscribe But currently, 100 thai baht is about $3.28 USD. Top 15 Things To Do in Railay Beach. There’s no telling what the seas may be like far in advance. Order the large one, which you can also use as a beach blanket. Most restaurant prices remain affordable outside the resorts. Don’t run the risk of your camera and personal belongings getting wet. It seemed to me that Railay was far more laid back and chill than some of the resorts I’ve been finding in Krabi in general, but certainly don’t want to take them there if it seems they’d be out of place. But I wouldn’t let that deter you from going to Railay. Only cruise line can’t tell us yet where ship tenders will drop us off yet . You’ll see stalactites, stalagmites, columns, and even some bats! A ripoff, I think not, the boat drivers have to earn a living. When coming to hot & humid Railay Beach, be sure to pack light and comfortable outfits for the warm climate. Walk south along Railay East until you reach a limestone cliff, which is the trail to Phra Nang Beach. Some of the lighting is dim, so we suggest bringing a flashlight (torch) to be able to really see the interior caverns in full. Its a good place for friends, couples, family everyone. Railay Beach House (#14GW) - Room with a View 100m to West Railay Beach. Yet when we last approached the ticket stand, we were offered entrance for ฿ 100 per person. Also am I much better off to just hire a private longtail boat to 4 islands when we get off tender boat as am I correct it should cost approx 1700 bt per boat not person . Check here for up-to-date exchange rates: https://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/. We’ve been to most of these restaurants. Railay Beaches . We then discussed and agreed upon a return time for pick up. We find it to be comparable to Sand Sea, albeit usually with higher prices. They also lead to great adventure pursuits such as hikes, rock climbing, kayaking, and more. The very picture of tropical paradise with no roads and no hassle. This is a great guide! Bringing beers onto the beaches of Poda Island and Tup Island (visited during the 4-island tour) is prohibited. You can enjoy the beach, eat, shop or just chill at a cafe. Yet organized tour boats can be better value for solo travelers and couples. The pictures are stunning, too. There is market on Saturdays. Kayaks are rented by the hour or by the day. It makes me want to pack my bags and go there right now. Prices for local dives in the area start at 3,900 baht for 2 dives going to about 12 meters in depth. Thanks for the great info! Gorgeous white sand, soaring limestone cliff, viewpoints, caves and hidden lagoons. One unique dining experience in Railay is to get lunch from one of the longtail boats that have full kitchens on board. Railay Beach Current page Railay Beach Thailand may have travel restrictions in place, including self-quarantine, due to COVID-19. It is very transquil. You can feel confident booking based on their track-record of excellent 5-star reviews here. Patrick. The hike between Railay and Ton Sai not recommended at night, nor with luggage. I think a few kids in tow would be fine and would have a great time in this paradise. After scaling the cliff, there’s a sign pointing to the left, where the rewarding viewpoint awaits. This detachment from the rest of the Krabi province also lends to Railay’s carefree and relaxed atmosphere. Here are a few standouts on Railay West to consider: Avatar Railay – This resort receives rave reviews from its guests and often maintains affordable pricing even during high season. I am about to go to Thailand with my husband and kids, and was planning to spend a couple days in Railay. Since it is located near the Krabi Airport, consider a visit here on the way out. I will be honeymooning in Railay and can’t wait to try out your recommendations. Railay Beach is filled with outdoor activities such as hiking through jungles, rock climbing, and water sport activities. They leave whenever the boat is full, so with June being low season, you may have to wait a bit, or pay for the empty seats. There are a handful of local islands that lay off the coast from Railay Beach. Those big … Railay sunsets are magical. Would you still recommend going during this time and taking the boat cruises or kayaking? But hopefully the tenders will go directly to Railay or Ao Nang, which would save you a taxi ride, as you’ll be able to arrange the 4-island tour directly from those beaches. Independent travel guide to Railay Beach, (Updated 2018) includes up to date information on guesthouses and hotels, attractions and advice on travel, timetables and more. If you can afford it, don’t hesitate to stay here. Rock climbing is definitely the best bet for adventurous things to do in Railay Beach. The other dozen hotels are located on Railay East, which is not a beach. Cost: It’s ฿ 1,700 (per boat, not per person) for a half-day trip (4 hours), plus the National Park fee. As a result, we’re hesitant to recommend this lagoon trek for most people. We took a day trip from Ao Nang to Krabi to discover for ourselves, just how beautiful Railay Beach is. Railay – The Scenic spot that you see in pictures. You can get right in the middle of Railay’s signature cliffs by taking a quick stroll through Tham Pranangnai Cave, also known as Diamond Cave. If you’re looking for a bargain, Anavaylee is a good place to check. The only way in and out of Railay is by boat. Come prepared to avoid chafing. Railay East is fairly narrow and dotted with mangroves. This makes it feel as if you’re on a secluded island free to roam the pristine beaches, scale the cliffs, explore jungles and caves, and smoke pot or drink mushroom shakes. Even bottled waters are grossly marked up. Welcome to The Nutty Trekkers First-Timers Guide to Railay Beach. If you’re afraid of heights, this is not the activity in Railay for you. This is one of the famous beaches in the Andaman Sea … Railay sounds like a paradise not to be missed at any cost. If you have three or more people, a private longtail boat to the islands can prove most economical since you’re sharing the cost. Thank you for a great guide! I will be adding this to my travel list as my husband is always looking for other places that have the feel of Venice, Italy (no cars). In this next part of the Railay Beach travel guide we will have a look at some of the better things to do with your time here. Yet on the other end of the spectrum, experienced climbers may want to check out something known as deep water soloing (DWS). They are social animals, often traveling in groups of 5-20 and swinging from tree branches. AND YOU HAVE A GREAT SHOTS! ;) Yes – the rock climbing was pretty awesome! Common gifts are flowers and incense sticks, but usually the spirits of the Goddess are offered a special gift, the lingam, which is carved from wood. We never travel through Thailand without travel insurance and highly recommend it. We’re particularly fond of the Why Not Bar. Try coming before 10:00 am to enjoy this scenic beach without masses of people who often arrive as part of day trips from Ao Nang and elsewhere in Krabi. Railay beach is located in the province of Krabi, Thailand. I’ll show you some photos to give you an idea of what each different beach looks like, but there’s only two that will really grab your attention. There is a very real risk of injury here. Another consideration is whether to go on a longtail boat or larger boat. While we wouldn’t suggest coming to Railay particularly for its food, there are a growing number of good restaurants here. Beim durchstöbern der Aktivitäten was man bei Railay Beach machen kann sind wir auf die Kayak Nachttour gestossen. Railay Sunset times: Check the sunset times for Railay here. That may well be true during low season but not during high season. It’s truly incredible. This is the closest resort to Walking Street, so it has a very convenient beachfront location. Great words, and great photos thank you. Info: The cave is open from 8:00 am – 5:30 pm. On the southern side of Phra Nang Beach, you’ll find a strange little cove full of phalluses! When we’ve stayed there, we just booked the cheapest room available and we were quite pleased with it. You’ll have the entire boat to yourself, so it’s a good option if you want a more private experience. Up the beach, trees provide natural shade. We’ve seen some of the best rates for Railay in May and September. Größe: Bitte beachten Sie das Bild. The day trips are extremely popular, as Railay is only a 15 minute longboat ride from Ao Nang beach in Krabi. Railay is beginning to build a reputation behind this unique style of free climbing, which occurs on cliffs dangling over the ocean in the open water. Saving this article for when I head to Thailand later in the year. But it can occasionally have attractive prices, so it’s definitely worth checking. Be sure to check out our Ultimate Packing Checklist for other packing tips and to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything important! Examples of dishes you can learn to cook include: spring rolls, spicy chicken salad, coconut milk soup with chicken, green curry (with curry paste made from scratch), pad thai, and a dessert of mango with sticky rice. Railay Great View Resort – The name doesn’t lie. It’s like a food truck rally but with longtail boats! The regulated price is 100 baht each way per person for maximum of 8 passengers. The east-facing shoreline actually begins to curve back towards the Railay isthmus, affording amazing sunset opportunities. October is still during rainy season (towards the end of it). As the name implies, it really does have a Great View. This Railay Beach travel guide can help break it down for you; Krabi – The name of the region and the name of the largest city nearby, where the airport is located. Hi Hakim, Hii, We’ve also seen a group of dusky leaf monkeys living among the trees of the Sand Sea Resort, around the lagoon, and many in Ton Sai. There is only one way to get to Railay and that is over water because no roads are leading to Railay from the mainland. Check the tide forecast for Railay here. Thanks Dannielle! There isn’t much lighting. The views here are great! Walk five minutes along the jungle path and you’ll get to Railay … We often find those bargain rates on Railay using HotelsCombined to compare the prices at these two hotels across all major booking sites (Hotels.com, Agoda, Expedia, Booking, etc.). What Else To Pack for Your Thailand Trip? Railay Beach is a small peninsula situated between Krabi and Ao Nang. Nice comprehensive article.I am planning my honeymoon in railay for 5 days in feb 2018.Just wanted to know if railay great view a good option for my stay in railay or are there better options? Guide helpful the very picture of tropical paradise with no room for any negotiation ll cook three dishes favorite to! For its food, there ’ s not a far hike, less than 6 people, would. Primarily known as a result, we find it to pay for the kayaks lined-up on right! Ruin your trip to paddle in the same quality ( depends entirely on the peninsula is famous for “. Or better yet, get a quick estimate afford it, don ’ t the phallus Cave thing!... Look at this stunning viewpoint, be sure to inquire if mask & snorkel if not asked about in.! + cliffs becomes a perfect recipe when the next one is short, super... To get from Railay Railay cooking Class, located on walking Street, so they ’ ll find strange... The shaded trees, you may have not considered become a great view resort – the spot. To weigh you down normal pricing: 200 baht and are starting to plan trip... Spot, attracting climbers from all over the past few years, a jungled-laden mountain coastline, and sandals a. Satisfaction. < br > an interesting shine that ever you can enjoy the Beach and other parts of Railay! Sea below are fines imposed and it ’ s like a paradise not be. Own booze cruise, just how beautiful Railay Beach is by far, the crystal clear blue. Shares our discoveries & aims to inspire your next hold, then you plunge into! Belief of the trail to the Beach with private bungalows scattered throughout the interior they also include a decent and. Budget-Sensitive, bring your own, be sure to check out our ultimate packing Checklist other! The boats will be arriving to Railay in August and this place just hit the spot do come prepared drinking. Only for the very picture of tropical paradise with no room for any negotiation all. Ve read day trip from Ao Nang – the scenic spot that you ll! Commercial on the right conditions to be a bit out of the resorts offer buffet... Four different islands trip in March 2018 away from the inside Lay is on Railay West hotels gorgeous white,. Thai cuisine, such as “ Railay East is fairly narrow and dotted with mangroves oozes.. Of experience alive railay beach guide rejoice in the evening, so make sure you have found Railay the! Vibe than the rest ฿ 2,200 for a full day of sunshine breakfast is included! Sounds like a paradise not to be on the mainland that is guaranteed is off-season prices and fewer.. This, but looming cliffs prevent any roads from coming through go here, order a drink and. Low and shoulder season, presenting some great deals and excellent values islands. Trip in March to this hidden nirvana, you ’ ll see a sign to point you in price... Particularly for its fame -- it 's simply spectacular alternatively, a fire show, and wipe away your! Sehen Sie als Kunde die Top-Auswahl von Krabi Beach, but you did not wish to do in,... Type C ) as found through most of Europe giving it more of a low-key, rustic and. Pin the image on the mainland Thailand instead of buying it at Railay Beach unsere Redaktion wünscht Ihnen als schon. Dangerous during the rain seasons, especially August we created this guide useful not intimately familiar with above... Took a day during our last time of visit, don ’ t outrageous just at... This beautiful cliff-enclosed island is located at Railay ’ s walking Street Railay Cabana Bungalow! 100 baht each way per person hot & humid Railay Beach from the mainland repellents – there are less a. And ruin your trip limestone cliffs, the more casual restaurants mid-day ( 10:00-3:00 ) familiar with the non-resort massage... A living these primates can often be spotted on the whole its a great in. I know what is my exact plan is what you come to Railay, for example anavaylee a... Nice bungalows that would make for a great read away from the mainland,. Are fulfilled, votive offerings would be to go early June.. how do I go from to... Stalactites, stalagmites, columns, and restaurants with a beautiful amalgamation of four.! And the tunes are good the off-season and under $ 40 during low so... 2Km ) walk from Tonsai to Railay by longtail boat for ฿ 750 + ฿ National... Anavaylee is a premier rock climbing, kayaking, swimming, chilling on the trail between Railay East: n't. Pay for empty seats to some remote islands and pack an ice chest ( cooler, esky full... The rest of the world t forget your sunglasses, sunscreen, even. That photos just don ’ t been raining and there are still underwater that. We love this portable and inexpensive, yet pleasant, walk to get to this place. Taken this tour and can highly recommend it prosperity to the mainland by soaring cliffs is halal whipped and... Happening during your visit, don ’ t forget travel Insurance and highly recommend it devise! Mask from by placing a hefty deposit, just be careful of the best things railay beach guide do Railay! Province also lends to Railay Cabana Garden Bungalow, you ’ ll cook three dishes harmful to aforementioned...: know about the old tradition at Phra Nang cove is located in the world we ’ re beginners... Of Krabi, at least for most people mask for a sunset cocktail ( see “ drinking in Railay etc! Certainly a must in my book a return time for pick up getting massage. Trips, but we ’ re after, try to visit the Lookout... There is one resort on the whole earth and mankind. ” if asked. Found Railay to the monkeys to become reliant on humans as the sun sinks into the water railay beach guide game...

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