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list of kamikaze attacks

Off Japan proper, the USS "Nevada" and her escorts fight off attacks by Kamikaze suicide planes. He was killed instantly. “The quad-40 had a crew of four, two loaders, gunner and trainer. His duty was to relay messages to the various gun stations as to targets and position. Also, the aft deck contained two racks on each side of the ship with 16 LCVPs. The captain found 32 men killed outright with 160 sustaining various levels of wounds. There were also five men listed as missing and assumed blown over the side. In case the steering controls on the bridge were disabled, the ship could be controlled from this area. The Wayne crew scrambled to throw life preservers to the swimming sailors as the ship steamed by, since the transports in the convoy could not stop. When the kamikaze hit, Cannon was in his office and in contact with the damage control sections via interphone. The beach party returned to the ship, and the DuPage commenced to rehoist all boats.Throughout the invasion operations, the ship was undergoing continuous alerts. He was known as the father of the Kamikaze. Experiencing the Kamikaze: "Jap planes were coming at us from all directions." The Japanese had killed 300 American sailors, wounded 760, and sunk two ships, but they could not stop the operation. My life jacket immediately caught fire, but I got it put out.”Death and destruction followed the big bomber down the side of the ship. When the ship was declared secure, they looked around their area for casualties.“When we looked at the 20mm gun port on the deck above us, the boy in the gunner’s seat was dead,” said Wells. For America, the early months of the war in the Pacific meant one defeat after another. In accomplishing this, the Japanese lost 600 aircraft, with at least one-third of this number being kamikazes. The kamikazes—Japanese suicide planes piloted by fliers bent on sacrificing themselves by diving their aircraft into American naval vessels—soon found the strung-out convoy. Each rack had two davits to attach and lower the boats to the water. Most are brought down. Never did know who he was. Yukio Seki. One man, in particular, is credited with inventing the tactic of Kamikaze attacks. At 7:15 word came down from division command: “Lower all boats.” The crew immediately commenced lowering all landing craft, and this was completed by 7:49 am. Japanese kamikaze attacks against U.S. aircraft carriers and ships in the Pacific during WWII. No damage except my buddy manning the ramp lever swallowed his chew of tobacco.”When the DuPage crew got all the assault troops ashore, the laborious process of unloading cargo from the ship holds got under way. In a sense, there had even been a kamikaze attac… Australian and U.S. naval forces suffered 1,230 men killed and 1,800 wounded by the kamikazes during the Philippine operation. This hull configuration was used for escort carriers and troop transports (AP) in addition to attack transports (APA). While there may have been exceptions, they invariably targeted … The crew fought all through the next day to keep her afloat and restore power. As they hit the beach, one crewman would trip the ramp at the front of the LCVP to let the troops off. My forward unit got the fires on the bridge under control and as we started aft, a seaman rushed up and said we had a live bomb on deck, fire all around it.”. Masafumi Arima Invented The Kamikaze Strategy. Casualties on the "Nevada" are sixty men dead, wounded, and missing. Japanese Kamikaze attacks - numbering close to 3,000 - against the Allies netted between thirty-five and sixty ships sunk with nearly 5,000 lives claimed. When I looked at my gun station, the seat I was sitting in was also blown off. In the dark nothing could be seen, and the Shinyo rammed the port side of the ship. Although dangerous, they did not take precautions to avoid detection and antiaircraft fire. They had explosives strapped around their waists to detonate against the side of the ship.”. This was climaxed in May 1942 with the fall of the Philippine Islands. By the time he was attacked, the Japanese had been using kamikazestrategies for a little more than a month. Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order (1-to-Z). For the DuPage this invasion would produce a traumatic event that the ship’s crew had witnessed but never experienced. I had a wound in my leg, and my right arm was burned.”. Up to 300 aircraft at a time dove at the Allied fleet. The wing then hit the boom cable, and the plane twisted to hit the port side of the navigation bridge just below us. 1902—sounded general quarters, enemy planes in the vicinity. The second plane dived to just above the ocean surface, causing the ship’s lookouts to lose sight of it until it was almost on the DuPage, dead ahead at 200 yards. Kamikaze (神風, [kamiꜜkaze]; “divine wind” or “spirit wind”), officially Kamikaze/ShinpÅ« Tokubetsu Kōgekitai (神風特別攻撃隊, “Divine Wind Special Attack Unit”), were a part of the Japanese Special Attack Units of military aviators who flew suicide attacks for the Empire of Japan against Allied naval … This unloading process was accomplished in 30 minutes. One wing blown off, a Japanese plane scores a direct hit. The overall force commander was Vice Adm. Thomas C. Kinkaid. The kamikazes were not through, however, as demonstrated in April during the Okinawa invasion. The War Hawk was repaired enough to make the trip back to Leyte Gulf. Mindoro was taken by mid-December and the airfields converted for Army Air Force use. The main invasion of Luzon would proceed via the Lingayen Gulf. A Japanese plane plunging downwards during a Kamikaze attack . Japanese suicide attacks against the Hadley and the Evans were unceasing. This included the battalions’ vehicles stored in holds 2 and 4. For the thousands of soldiers who went into captivity at this time, their only hope was a statement from General Douglas MacArthur: “I shall return.” By late 1942 the Allied armies had started forward. In the early hours of January 10, lookouts reported hearing the sound of a boat approaching. Set at thousand-yard intervals, on her left was the USS Fayette, on the right the USS Cavalier, and trailing, the USS Wayne. The kamikazes had their most successful day on October 24, 1944, when 378 kamikazes managed to sink 16 Allied warships off Okinawa. The next morning two boatloads of medical officers and pharmacists came aboard from the USS Wayne and USS Fuller. this invasion would produce a traumatic event that the ship’s crew had witnessed but never experienced. “We were ordered to shoot up all floating boxes and trash with the .30-calibers as we went to and from the beach,” recalled Wells. Kamikaze attacks were more accurate than conventional attacks… Seaman lst Class Vernon L. Neilson was a member of the Quartermaster section, stationed in the after steering control room. Wells and his gun crew immediately started throwing the 5-inch ammunition overboard. In other words, kamikaze attacks actually cost the Japanese fewer lives to achieve a given number of hits than conventional attack. As the main force moved ahead, the attacks continued. List of Allied vessels struck by Japanese special attack weapons. On or After Date of Successful Attack by Organized Special Attack Squadron - Vice Admiral Takijiro Ohnishi formed the first kamikaze special attack squadron in the early morning of October 20, 1944 (Inoguchi 1958, 13), but the first successful suicide attacks by special attack squadrons did not take place until October 25, … A minesweeper was sunk; two battleships, two heavy cruisers, and other smaller vessels were damaged. About that time, I thought, ‘I’m going to be some damage control officer if this thing goes off when it hits the water.’ All this time the loudspeaker kept up a constant, ‘Lt. The explosion killed 61 men and tore a 25-foot hole in the hull. The "USS Ticonderoga," a carrier, also sustained such a hit in early 1945 off Formosa (Taiwan). A kamikaze attack on a US warship during the Battle of Leyte Gulf, October 1944 The Kamikazes were the suicide attacks conducted by the Empire of Japan against the Allied Forces during World War II. Admiral Ohnishi was convinced that further employment of these inhuman tactics was … Axell and Kase see these suicides as "individual, impromptu decisions by me… The 250kg bomb penetrated the port side of the hangar deck and exploded in the midst of several … We were lifted about five feet out of the water and slammed back down. Kamikaze (Japanese: 神風; literally: "god-wind"; usual translation: "divine wind") is a word of Japanese origin. My buddy, Waldript, was on the bridge and saw the Jap come in. He described the activity getting ready to head for the beach. The overall force commander was Vice Adm. Thomas C. Kinkaid. A few well orgainized strikes of say twenty Thunderbolt like fighters flown by trained Kamikazes and benefiting from trained escorts and reconassiance would would have been … Several torpedoes were fired at the convoy to no effect. He recalled:“We saw it dive until it was skimming just above the ocean surface. The "USS Nevada," despite an escort and efforts to fight off a Kamikaze attack, sustained such a hit in early 1945 off the coast of Japan. “I got up from my seat to see what he was hollering about. The invasion troops were quartered amidships on lower decks 1 and 2. This process was delayed by another LSM that brought wounded and dead from the beachhead.At 2:30 pm, the DuPage moved into the inner transport area to take on casualties and complete equipment unloading. “I got my pants and a skivvy shirt on and ran for the gun. The defensive configuration of the guns was situated on both the bow and stern of the ship. The APA had many purposes, but the main one was to load troops and equipment, transport them to an invasion area, and put them ashore.A memorable description of the attack transport was given by author Sidney Carrol in a 1940’s edition of Coronet Magazine. The … Kamikaze attacks sank 34 ships and damaged hundreds of others during the war. They were 12,000 yards offshore opposite the small town of San Fabian. Forward, the heavy equipment, trucks, jeeps, and howitzers were on lower decks 3 and 4.The trip lasted 11 days and proceeded through the Surigao Strait, Mindanao Sea, Sulu Sea, Mindoro Strait, South China Sea, and into Lingayen Gulf. Everyone Eminem attacks on surprise new album Kamikaze, from Donald Trump to Tyler the Creator. This threat was the suicide boat, or Shinyo. “We had heard one bomb go off and had no idea what else the plane might have had. We came out of the circle, line abreast going in. was a five-hatch cargo ship powered by an 8,500-horsepower steam turbine that could move it up to a speed of 16.5 knots. The fast attack transports carried a crew of 50 officers and 600 seamen. 10 January 1945. The "Nevada," veteran of the last war, was in Pearl Harbor at this war's beginning, and has fought in many major actions since. When I came to seconds later, a sailor was kicking fire off me. Fire came rolling down the port side and over the top of me. “An APA is a tenement, a moving van, a freight car, a garage, a fighting ship, a hospital, an ambulance and a hearse.” In a few short days the DuPage would learn that one more item could be added to the list: target of the divine wind, better known as the kamikaze. Two escort carriers, two heavy cruisers, two destroyers, a destroyer escort, and several other ships were damaged by kamikaze attacks. By Don SmartWarfare History NetworkAugust 21, 2015. This armada of transports and their protective shield formed a convoy over 40 miles long. The destroyers Sumpter, Gascoyne and Pfeiffer were out in front providing protection for the convoy. Neilson had just stepped up to the deck above the control room and was standing behind the 5-inch gun, leaning on the bulkhead just below the Quad 40mm gun tubs, when the Japanese suicide plane hit the DuPage. I heaved a sigh of relief.”. Japan’s Kamikaze pilots and their suicide attacks on the American warships in the last year of World War II, was one of the most terrorizing memories of the war. It was important that all LCVPs hit the beach at the same time.”The last boats with assault troops were away by 8:12 am.The first assault wave hit Beach White 1 by 9:35 am, and all assault waves were on the beach by 10. The peak in kamikaze attacks came during the period of April–June 1945, at the Battle of Okinawa. On the forward deck, three racks contained eight more LCVPs. “There had been reports of Japanese swimmers trying to reach the ships under the boxes. The most often seen were the Mitsubishi A6M ("Zero," ... Ohka. The troops came from widely dispersed staging areas—Bougainville, New Britain, Hollandia, Aitape, Sansapor, and the farthest away, New Caledonia. The crew of the attack transport DuPage braved kamikaze attacks while supporting American landings in the Philippines. The first kamikaze force was in fact composed of 24 volunteer pilots from Japan’s 201st Navy Air Group. In the area with the DuPage, the transport USS War Hawk was riding at anchor. Toran as executive officer. At the same time, the forces of Admiral Chester W. Nimitz had started a drive through the islands to the east that included the Solomons, Gilberts, Marshalls, and Marianas. The leading elements of the task force were bombed, and six kamikazes jumped the force, damaging an oiler and minesweeper. Previous kamikaze attacks were executed by relatively untrained pilots. The LCVPs were stored in racks on the fore and after decks of the attack transport. 1915—twin engine bomber sighted, heading dead on for the USS DuPage, screening destroyer escort USS Cavalier and USS Fayette opened fire on plane.”. “An army lieutenant kept hollering to get them to the beach. I heard one 500-pound bomb go off as the plane careened down the ship’s side.”At 7:15 pm, the left wing of the plane hung on one of the ship’s antimine Paravene boom cables and swung into the left side of the navigation bridge. Kamikaze attacks on US ships, 1945 Japanese pilots used the tactic of Kamikaze (suicidal) dive-bombing attacks on enemy warships in 1944 and 1945. By that time the Japanese had worked out standard tactics for kamikaze attack. Then he saw the first wounded.“A sailor stumbled out of the inferno and collapsed in my arms,” he recalled. The guy died in my arms before a corpsman arrived.”The captain reported the suicide crash to the USS Cavalier and advised that the DuPage could maintain position as guide in cruising formation. James J. Fahey joined the Navy in October 1942. Wells’ boat was coming in as part of the third assault wave, and was interspersed with a group of LSTs (Landing Ship Tank). The aircraft banked slightly left, then turned back to the right, causing the forward gun crews to think the bomber was going to pull up and go over the ship.

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