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taylor and francis call for book chapters

Narrative production research that is concerned with how psychology can bring about social change in the form of emancipation and social justice. This special issue invites research that will enrich the body of knowledge especially in management and marketing paradigms of food and beverage tourism. This SI highlights Jewish education during the COVID-19 crisis, focused on learning and teaching in a range of settings and addressing challenges. This special issue calls for research related to marketing and strategic management that would help SMEs to survive and grow in this competitive era. This special issue highlights emerging research on the physiology of fatigue and on the cornerstones of its management and prevention in health and neuromuscular diseases. This special issue aims to explore the methodological and technological advancements in understanding and solving air traffic problems. This special issue of Memory aims at bringing together a collection studies exploring the impact of the Internet and social media on memory. Routledge/Taylor & Francis have released Policies for Open Access Book Chapters which states that chapters from all their books are eligible for green open access. The special issue aims to explore digital journalism in various contexts and across them, discussing challenges in comparative digital journalism. This special issue from Cyber-Physical Systems addresses the timely theme of tackling challenges associated with managing infectious diseases. How do pandemics challenge and broaden understandings of how societies deal with dying, death, the dead, and bereavement and commemoration? This special issue aims to radically challenge, debate, restart, revision, and repurpose the operation of tourism and how we teach tourism. This SI examines the effects of treeshelters on seedling growth and protection and the criteria for their applicability to local conditions. We pose this provocation in order to think through what has changed and what remains the same about lesbian identities. This special issue focuses on the novel research related to intelligent system through artificial intelligence, technology, innovation, and advancement. Particular contexts, material conditions, and individuals that have enabled authors, texts, and performance traditions to travel through translation. Explore Taylor & Francis Online to see the full range of journals we publish. This special issue focuses on topics of material Science and Engineering field with the theme of “Material Science of today is the innovation of tomorrow”. CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group Call for Book Chapter. Contribute to the theological conversation that reflects on the COVID-19 global pandemic on issues such as suffering & trauma. This special issue will bring together inter-disciplinary perspectives to research, progress knowledge, and inform innovations in clinical practice. This SI will explore the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic on the health and wellbeing of the LQBTQ+ community and other sexual/gender minority populations. This SI examines human rights, dignity, and social justice as well as solving and preventing intra- and intercultural confrontations. Insights from the intersection between social psychology of consumers and pandemics marketplace, where the distance between market actors has increased. This special issue addresses various Internet of Things (IoT) based Waste Management concepts which can be adopted in the healthcare industry. This special issue explores “platform deaths” to understand how digital communities grapple with absence,invisibility, and disappearance. This special issue from Lit aims to examine emerging trends in horror, identifying broad tendencies in subject matter, content, style and form. Shop amongst our popular books, including 22, Notes on the Natural History of East Finmark, Notes on the Natural History of East Finmark and more from taylor and francis. Free shipping and pickup in store on eligible orders. This special issue enables the contributions that might cast a new light on a hugely demanding debate, beyond current headlines. This SI highlights research in inpatient psychiatric hospitalization, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and resident treatment settings. This issue provides insight into the intersection of social injustice that have recently begun to receive national attention as a result of the pandemic. This special issue examines the current implications of large-scale global crises for organizations and society during the Covid-19 pandemic. Please share your research which provides insights into the data driven practices to derive effective solutions to business problems and decision-making. This SI seeks to elicit applied and basic research, policy, and practice guidelines that serve to improve outcomes in the field. This special issue provides platform for researchers, practitioners and educators to discuss the most recent innovations and trends as well as challenges. Many traditional spas need to reinvent themselves, as government funding medical to wellness spas and targeting international rather than domestic visitors. This Special Issue from New Zealand Economic Papers will be devoted to the economic implications of COVID-19 for New Zealand and the Pacific. This special issue from Computer Science Education aims to explore replication studies in any area of Computer Science education. A focus on the role and performance of double agents and moles and sociological motivations and entanglements of the sector of intelligence. New ideas and presenting the latest advances on 3D printing of materials and structures, with a particular emphasis for their functional applications. This special issue from Journal of Internet Commerce aims to advance theory and generate practical insights pertaining to online customer engagement. This special issue examines the Covid-19 pandemic and the influence on the sports sector on a macro, mezzo and micro level globally. Tamilnadu, India This SI explores the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on education, in Ireland and internationally to inform future-facing recommendations for education. Clinical Gerontologist is announcing a call for papers related to the COVID-19 Pandemic. This special issue explores the learning process during the pandemic situations and computer vision and visual analytics in the today's technological world. This special issue assesses the role of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in East Asia's regional economic development during a time of severe challenges. Research has found that Open Access book chapters are downloaded 7 times more than non-OA titles, were cited 50% more and mentioned online 10 times more. The issue aims to highlight the influence of power, capitalism and the importance of inequalities in shaping the course of the COVID-19 and other pandemics. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. This SI examines the explorations on daily life, survival and resistance among subaltern communities living in the margins of hegemonic societies. This special issues aims to advance insight into the complex array of phenomena that are called "empathy," via innovations in theory and empirical research. improve maritime operations? Analysis of data to understand racial injustice, promotion of racial harmony, and scientific contributions by black statisticians and data scientists. The editorial statement. Research that relates to the impact of the pandemic on people with neurodevelopmental disorders across the lifespan and of their families. This special issue investigates the representation of ‘Eastern Europeanness’ in the production, distribution and consumption of video games. This special issue from Journal of Information Technology Case and Application Research is dedicated to the analysis of the evolution of online education. Is there any room left for the rare and precious artifice that the built may possess? This SI aims to showcase papers, studies, and projects that examine the ways in which mediated communication affects how understanding is achieved. This special issue addresses consumer experiences in a new environmdng and how does consumer interact with brands in this era. Advanced ergonomic tools enabling Industry 4.0. First special issue to engage in the specific connections between the pop culture productions of the more than/other than/nothing but human. School of Electrical Engineering This special issue examines the coastal disasters induced by tropical cyclones through detailed analysis and investigations of recent events. Tamil Nadu, India This special issue seeks to understand knowledge about visual impairments and low vision rehabilitation for OT practitioners. Towards a destination tourism disaster management It is easy to describe how dancing reflects thinking. This special issue explores the rapid outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic is having and the dramatic impact on businesses and industries globally. These formatting instructions will be e-mailed together with the … This special issue aims to explore COVID-19 research to design strategies to reduce the number of casualties and minimizing the huge economic losses. This special issue focuses on women within a new media context: incivil behaviour, online harasment, equality building, civic engagement, empowerment. They take the guesswork out of the order taking process. This special issue summarises the current state of knowledge related to swimming performance. Our special issue will bring high quality research work to enhance our knowledge on Big Data, Internet of Things and Cloud Computing. What does the Covid-19 Crisis Reveal about Interdisciplinarity in Social Sciences? This Special Issue from chitectural Science Review aims to explore the complex synergies of Low Carbon Buildings and Neighbourhoods. This special issue from Journal of Constructivist Psychology addresses and examines the constructions of race. This special issue aims to explore communications and media-related phenomena pertaining to the Anti-Extradition Law incident in Hong Kong in 2019. This special issue focuses on recent developments in remote sensing experiments, data products and software tools occurring in cold regions. This special issue aims to fill this gap. This special issue from Nordic Journal of Music Therapy will focus on research and practice-based articles related to online delivery of music therapy. As the 10th anniversary of the Indignados movement approaches, it is a good time to re-evaluate the movements’ outcomes, impacts and legacy. This special issue examines African diaspora futures through the lens of embodied performance and Africanist epistemologies of temporality. Going Viral: Chronotopes of Disaster in Film and Visual Media, Patriarchal backlashes to feminism in times of crisis, Creativity, perseverance and resilience in the face of the pandemic – The social work response, Beyond Administrative Sovereignty: Rethinking Directionalities and Objects in Administration and Policy, Enhancing language and articulation skills and promoting resilience and adaptability in the early years of people’s lives, Public value for all? This SI aims to enrich our knowledge and the range of effective education resources in occupational health, to advance the treatment of patients with POTS. Share your research. This special issue aims to illuminate the role, process and consequences of NFR regulation in a developed or developing country. This special issue addresses geographical impacts of COVID-19, and the socio-economic, cultural & political relations and spatial implications of COVID-19. This special issue aims to bring together current research on the wide ranging impacts, both positive and negative, of COVID-19 on the natural environment. This SI examines the politics of the COVID 19 pandemic to help us to formulate ‘new’ questions and revisit ‘old’ ones regarding ecological justice. This SI highlights chaplain contributions to moral injury care provision, data-informed approaches, and clinical practice descriptions. Covid-19 spread rapidly; we invite contributions from economists, exploring the causes, effects and opportunities presented. This special issue explores the relationship between literature examining the vital and particular force of women in the creative sphere. Dr. P. Arulmozhivarman This special issue aims to highlight the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on family communication as well as on teaching, research, and practice. The issue will carry revised versions of the selected papers presented at The International Conference of the Yangtze River Research and Innovation Belt. This special issue aims to explore the meaning and function of real-time identity processes and provide insights into mechanisms of identity development. This SI focuses on Material Science Engineering and Advanced Materials with the theme of “Material Science of today is the innovation of tomorrow”. This SI explores how advertisers can derive benefit from influencers, defined as those who create social media content in exchange for compensation. This special issue focuses on evaluating the impact of Covid-19 on economies, financial system and business strategies of different types organizations. This special issue explores the impacts of, and future challenges facing, sport across all settings arising from COVID-19. This SI focuses on the leadership response in different industries to the global crisis of COVID-19 in addressing the needs of the changing workplace. This special issue aims to bring together rigorous analyses of crisis responses among Asian countries amid global crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic. This special issue addresses the impact assessment played in order to mitigate the health, socio-economic and long term environmental damages of COVID19. Why stop there? We invite paper contributions providing novel empirical and theoretical insights on social innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa. We invite cutting-edge theoretical and empirical research on the normative, legal and ethical implications of AI for journalism and journalism research. This SI explores the challenges that micro-finance programs and institutions are facing as well as sustainable financing micro-entrepreneurs. Through agreements with worldwide organizations, libraries in the developing world can provide access to vital research material at greatly reduced or no cost. VIT University, Vellore – 632014 This SI focuses on cognitive robotics and its frontiers, emphasizing the symbol emergence, cognitive development and language learning in robotics. The Renminbi Internationalisation and Financial Centres, Security, Trust and Privacy in Computer Networks, Intelligent Data Analytics for Internet of Underwater Things, Covid-19 and the role of technology and pedagogy on school education during a pandemic, Impact of Coronavirus on the Mental Health and Wellbeing of People with Intellectual and Developmental Disorders and their Families, Sustainable Marine and Coastal Environments, Chinese Electronic Media: Social Evolution and Social Change in the Digital Information Age, Innovative Data Sources in Management Accounting Research and Practice, Re-imagining Assessment in Online and Distributed Learning, JGSW call for Letters to the Editor: Corona Virus, COVID-19, and social work with older adults, Media and Communication During the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic, COVID-19, Older adults, and Professional Practice, Gender, Physical Activity, Global Fitness, Sport and Educational Environments, Comparative American Studies Special Issue: Elizabeth Wurtzel, Engagement at 30: A Retrospective and Look Forward through an International Cross-Cultural Context, Quantum Innovation and Technology Management: Current Challenges and Future Perspectives. This special issue invites papers considering similarities and differences between HIV and COVID-19, including media, health and culture responses. This special issue seeks scholarship exploring music as a resistant, countercultural, or revolutionary medium in American cultural history. This SI aims to identify opportunities and challenges of workforce management in operations in the post-COVID era and drawbacks and risks for organisations. Emerging Sports: Participants, Groups and Movements, Weaving Healthy Behaviors into New Technology Routines: Designing for Teleworking Contexts, Advances in Intelligent Automation and Engineering optimization, Observations, Remote Sensing Experiments and Geophysical Value-added Datasets for Cold High Mountain and Polar Regions, A Comparative Study of Asian Countries’ Bilateral Relations with China, Intellectual Disabilities and Mental Health, Thrice Born Tradition: Bangladeshi Literature in English, New frontiers in employability research: Towards a contextualized perspective of employability development, International Perspectives on Professional Learning, Emerging technologies for monitoring, assessment and prediction of air quality, Impact of COVID-19 on Economy, Financial System and Business Strategies and Practices, Indigenous and sociological knowledges: Meeting points for health equity, Black Lives Matter to Clinical Neuropsychologists, Emerging Trends in Materials Science, Technology and Engineering, Historicizing COVID-19: Reflections on Epidemics and the Impacts on Human Population, Special Issue on Symbol Emergence in Robotics and Cognitive Systems, South Asian Disasters in 20th and 21st Century Literature, Film, and Culture, Recent Trends in Deep Learning for Computer Vision and Visual Analytics, Role of Swarm Intelligence in Development of Sustainable Technologies, Firms and Innovation in the New Industrial Paradigm of the Digital Transformation, Marketing and Strategic Management Issues of SMEs in emerging economies, Media Freedom in Asia: Challenges from Below, Organoids: From Development to Pathophysiology, Editorial discussion on predictive models and policy in the Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, Conviviality in Education and the Making of Difference, Special Issue on Intelligent System using Artificial Intelligence, Special Issue on Healing COVID-19 using Artificial Intelligence, Special Issue on AI, Robotics and Automation in Space, Analytical advances through open science: Employing a reference dataset to foster best-practice data validation, analysis, and reporting, Consuming Happiness: Aspirational Practices in Global Perspective, Personality Assessments in Legal Contexts, Online Instruction in Geography: Best Practices of Design and Planning for Deep Learning, Smart cities and construction: advances, visualisation, novel applications and case studies, Advancing Knowledge: Women Entrepreneurship in Canada, Developing Coasts and Perturbed Ecosystems, Art Therapy Education: Research and Reflections from the field, Art Therapy Now More than Ever: Sustaining and Expanding Creative Practices in Unprecedented Times, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Neuropsychology, Understanding the Relationships Between COVID-19 and Transportation, The Oil Prices-Macroeconomy-Energy-Environment Nexus in the Era of Globalization, Sport, Race and Ethnicity at a time of multiple global crises, Anti-extradition Law and Beyond: The Role of Media and Communication in the Crisis of Hong Kong, Life, After Life: Textile Crafts in India and Communities of Practice, The Value of Design-driven Entrepreneurship, Children, Media, and the Clarity of Crisis, More than just Brands, Status, and Exclusivity? This special issue examines work and accelerating towards teleworking to innovate for a healthy and balanced transition of everyday work routines. This Special Issue aims to provide a contemporary picture on recent research activities related to LBS in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. This special issue addresses real-time operation, fault tolerance in analyzing the working mechanisms of models, finding real-time results. Call for Book Chapter-Taylor & Francis. This SI welcomes proposals addressing ongoing issues of the cultural, economic and political impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. Education from different countries who are familiar with Bernard Stiegler’s work to explore locality as the primordial condition of negentropy. Use the Search option, to find books by keyword, author, title or ISBN, or Browse by Subjects. These papers will explore the topic of toxic restaurant culture. Call for Book Chapters To be published in “Data Science: Theory, Analysis, and Applications” book – CRC Press, Taylor and Francis, 2019 Abstracts due (1-2 pages) : 30 November, 2018 A new edited book is intended to be released in 2019 by CRC Press. Call for Book Chapter in Handbook of Irrigation Hydrology and Management by Taylor and Francis. This Special Issue will publish papers that explore consumer marketing for the BOP, focusing on innovation, distribution, promotion, undertaken by MNCs. Often a journal will promote a special theme or topic in this section, but most journals remain open for general submissions year-round. This special issue aims to advance women’s entrepreneurship in Canada, and to examine how best to support women entrepreneurs. This special issue invites researchers and practitioners to contribute on the emerging areas of FinTech and Artificial Intelligence. Fully open access journals and platforms. Thirty Years of the Men and Women’s UEFA Champions League, Ethics and COVID-19: A special call for papers from Ethics & Behavior. The Book Theme and contents include, but are not limited to the following: User-Centric and Information-Centric Networking and Services Access Networks and Emerging Perspectives User-Centric Networking (UCN) Types of Users and… This special issue aims to explore the teaching and learning experiences of coach developers, students, or coaches across systems and universities. Join the conversation. This special issue addresses dynamics and aerodynamics of slender structures and specific aspects of the design and assessment of such structures. This special issue addresses the utilization, successes and challenges of artificial intelligence in air quality monitoring, prediction, and/or forecasting. We use cookies to improve your website experience. This special issue intends to further explore an emerging uncertain description tool within the research of finance, economy, and management. This special issue will highlight the contributions that ocean surveying, mapping and sensing make to supporting the challenges outlined in UN SDGs. This special issue will feature scholarship on topics outside the established research on traditional, achievement-focused institutionalized sports.

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